Norris denies alleged rift with McLaren F1 teammate Ricciardo

Norris denies alleged rift with McLaren F1 teammate Ricciardo
Norris denies alleged rift with McLaren F1 teammate Ricciardo

Ricciardo and McLaren will part ways at the end of the 2022 season after two years together in which the Italian Grand Prix winner largely fell short of expectations.

Both during the struggles and in response to news of Ricciardo’s upcoming outing, Norris expressed a lack of sympathy for the Australian given that McLaren’s decision was based on a string of disappointing results.

Speaking last month, he said: “It’s not me digging or anything, but when you look at the results… if you want two people to be on the same level, you’re not surprised .

“It’s hard to know when to call him, I guess, what is it [McLaren have] Finished.”

“People will probably hate me for saying it, but it’s hard because I never know if I might run into that in the future with this car or with another team or whatever, so I never want to contradict myself in the future, but I’ve just got to focus on my driving.”

Those comments, along with a perceived lack of social media interaction between the two over the Briton’s close relationship with former McLaren teammate Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen, among others, have given rise to speculation according to which there is a break between the duo.

A clip of Ricciardo sitting alone at the last Belgian Grand Prix while the other drivers interacted also gained momentum earlier this week.

Lando Norris, McLaren MCL36, Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren MCL36

Photo by: Alastair Staley / Motorsport Images

But Norris used Thursday’s press conference during the Dutch GP weekend to dismiss any notion that the pair are split.

He said: “I want to be friends with as many people as possible and the same way I am now with Daniel.

“We are getting along very well. For some reason people think otherwise, but it’s completely wrong.

“We have a lot of fun together, we spend a lot of time together. But things are different, just because he’s a bit older and he’s into different things.

“He doesn’t like to play golf and so on. Therefore, you don’t see it as much on social media and such.

“But I think our friendship is good and the respect we have for each other, and I’m pretty sure that will continue in the future.”

Norris has previously opened up about his difficult relationship with social media, after revealing he had been subjected to death threats and abuse online.

Likewise, before the race at Zandvoort, he posted a preemptive commentary on the state of his romantic relationship with the intention of preventing any further talk.

. Norris denies supposed breakup with his teammate McLaren Ricciardo

. Norris denies alleged rift McLaren teammate Ricciardo

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