Porsche must decide if it wants to join F1 on our terms

Porsche must decide if it wants to join F1 on our terms
Porsche must decide if it wants to join F1 on our terms

The Milton Keynes-based team had sought for several months to join Porsche from 2026 as part of a joint effort under new engine regulations.

But more recently it is understood the talks have stalled as there are significant differences of opinion between Red Bull and Porsche over the progress of the project as it involves a shareholding transfer.

In particular, there appear to be factions within Red Bull who want to ensure the team retains the technical independence that has been one of its key strengths in F1, rather than ceding decisions. to the corporate management structure of a major automobile manufacturer.

The pending issues put a damper on initial plans for a tie-up, but Red Bull is far from alarmed by the situation as it is currently proceeding as planned with its own engine project which would eventually turn into the power unit. Porsche.

Talk to SkyRed Bull team boss Christian Horner has made it clear that there are some important aspects of the deal that his team will not compromise on, and that it is now up to Porsche to agree to the proposed terms or go away.

“They have to decide whether they want to join this party or not,” Horner said. “It should be, like I said, in this culture of how we race.”

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB18

Photo by: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images

Horner insists it was essential for Red Bull to retain the independence that has seen them win multiple world titles.

“Red Bull has always been an independent team,” he said. “It’s one of our strengths, it’s the backbone of what we’ve achieved and our ability to act quickly. It’s part of the DNA of who we are.

“We’re not a company-run organization, and that’s one of our strengths in how we operate as a racing team. This is an absolute prerequisite for the future.”

Red Bull intends to continue working on its 2026 power unit for now, as Horner believes that if Porsche’s plans eventually fall apart, other manufacturers could potentially still come on board.

“I think any manufacturer or partner relationship has to be Red Bull,” he said.

“We have this new chapter, an exciting new chapter that we are heading into on the powertrain side of the business. We have phenomenal talents who have joined the company. We are in good shape.

“Time will tell if we welcome a partner into this program or, as is currently the case, continue on our own.”

. Porsche must decide she wants join according to our conditions

. Porsche decide join terms

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