Kendrick Lamar releases ‘We Cry Together’ short

Kendrick Lamar releases ‘We Cry Together’ short
Kendrick Lamar releases ‘We Cry Together’ short

Kendrick Lamar took his flair for the dramatic to a new level earlier this year when he included “We Cry Together,” a five-minute argument between himself and Taylour Paige starring as a couple, on his album both expected. Mr. Morale and Big Steps. Unless you’re some kind of masochist, you probably haven’t revisited this song much since; it fell 81 spots after its first week on the Hot 100, from No. 16 to No. 97. But Lamar somehow thought that wasn’t enough, so he shot a whole “short film” around it. him in March 2020, now available as a music video. The film again features Lamar, who is a chain-smoker in a nondescript blue uniform, and Paige, continually opposite him, as they enact the album’s argument. If you wanted to see Paige cheer “I should have found a bigger dick” or watch Lamar play with his keys from a distance, here’s your chance. Just be warned, he Is present a turn towards the pornographic at the end — before, in a Repetition-esque twist, zoomed out to show the whole apartment.

Oh, and yes, it really is a short. The Hollywood journalist recently noted that Lamar and his company pgLang held a week of low-key screenings for the film in Los Angeles in June, qualifying it for Best Live-Action Short at the Oscars. Lamar himself would get the material if the movie won too, since he co-directed alongside his right-hand man pgLang, Dave Free and, uh, paper towns director Jake Schreier. And before he neglects his chances at the Oscars, he has been all shot in one take.

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. Kendrick Lamar fate short film Cry

. Kendrick Lamar releases Cry short

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