Former Worcester Warriors co-owner referred to Serious Fraud Office

Former Worcester Warriors co-owner referred to Serious Fraud Office
Former Worcester Warriors co-owner referred to Serious Fraud Office

ONE of the former owners of Worcester Warriors will have its business operations returned to the Serious Fraud Office following a DCMS meeting.

Julian Knight, MP for Solihull and chairman of the DCMS Select Committee, said he would write to the Serious Fraud Office about the activities of former co-owner Colin Coldring.

He spoke after the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) meeting held today.

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He said: ‘I will be writing to the Serious Fraud Office, regarding Mr Goldring’s activities on the SRA and his statement made to the RFU.

“I will also be writing to John Campion who is the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner on this particular matter.

“In terms of the game more generally, we’ll be releasing a special report on today’s lessons, which will likely focus on areas such as if it weren’t so tragic it would be laughable, to fit to proper person testing, lack of corrective care and a lack of willpower, I think this committee could agree on that.

“And also, after what we’ve seen in cricket as well, the huge power imbalance between the players’ union and the administrators has also come to light today.

“And also, the lack of cooperation and communication, overall, that adds up to failure on an epic scale of the game, which is why you have two that sank.”

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The Parliamentary Committee was advised that Worcester would not survive under any ownership without retaining its P share.

The Sixways club were relegated from the Gallagher Premiership on October 6 after their holding company WRFC Players Ltd went into partial liquidation a day earlier, due to unpaid taxes of around £6million being pursued by HM Revenue and Customs.

As a consortium led by former Worcester chief executive Jim O’Toole was chosen as the preferred bidder to save the club by administrator Begbies Traynor last month, the debate over what is happening with their share P continues.

Worcester News attempted to contact Mr Goldring through Worcester Warriors.

. Lancien co-owner des Worcester Warriors fired Fraud Office

. Worcester Warriors coowner referred Fraud Office

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