Wiltshire pub bans dogs after ‘ruff night’

Wiltshire pub bans dogs after ‘ruff night’
Wiltshire pub bans dogs after ‘ruff night’

A pair of publicans in Wiltshire have been forced to change their policy on customers coming with dogs after a ‘ruff’ night last Friday.

Managers of The New Inn in Semington Road, Melksham, say they ‘counted more dogs than customers’ – and some of them were getting grumpy.

Ronnie and Terry, who took over the pub in March, in a lighthearted message on their website and social media page, asked customers with dogs not to bring them after 5pm on Friday and Saturday, and not from all Sunday.

Ronnie said: “We don’t want to make it a big deal. Everything was settled overnight.

“As dog lovers and owners ourselves, we absolutely love our furry friends and have always done our best to have an open door policy when it comes to dogs.

“Unfortunately it rather backfired last night as we were inundated with dogs; it would be fair to say that there were more dogs than people, and we had a kind of “ruff” evening.

“While most dogs are friendly, their numbers created problems for both people and dogs, with staff struggling to negotiate their way through the pub and the dogs getting rather grumpy with other dogs.

“Some dogs ogled some of our employees like a rump steak. I had to do a count at the end of the night to make sure all staff were present and all members were accounted for.

“So, after reflection, we have to put in place a policy to keep things under control. Once we are in the new year and the garden is open, it will allow us to have more of our furry friends, but for now we have to impose some restrictions.

From now on, after 5pm on Friday and Saturday, and all day Sunday, there can be no dogs in the pub, along with a general rule that no dogs can be in the dining room and outside these hours must only be in the pub area.

Ronnie added: ‘Unfortunately this is a health and safety issue and whilst we hate to impose restrictions it is entirely for the safety of customers, staff and of course the dogs.

“It’s a very difficult decision for us to make but The New Inn just doesn’t have the space. We hope you can understand the need.

. pub Wiltshire banned the dogs after a night ruff

. Wiltshire pub bans dogs ruff night

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