Police custody for Milford Haven woman who assaulted her mother

Police custody for Milford Haven woman who assaulted her mother
Police custody for Milford Haven woman who assaulted her mother

A Milford Haven woman has been sentenced to five months in jail after threatening to burn down her 77-year-old mother’s house.

Haverfordwest magistrates heard how Karen Harper, 55, “freaked out and completely lost it” after visiting her mother at her home in Jury Lane, Haverfordwest eight days after being released from prison for a previous conviction.

“Things weren’t going well between them and on November 10, just eight days after she was released from a jail sentence, she committed the next stage of the offences,” Crown Attorney Nia James said.

Harper, of Mount Estate, Milford Haven, first arrived at her mother’s house on November 9 and tensions quickly began to rise.


“There were a lot of problems that day and then on November 10, the defendant completely freaked out,” Ms James continued.

“She began threatening to hit her mother in the head with a crutch, then threw a trainer at the 77-year-old woman who hit her in the head, but did not cause injury.”

At this point, Harper’s mother, Ann Mary Doyle, began to fear for her safety and called on her other daughter for help. When the girl arrived, Harper began threatening to burn down her mother’s property.

A statement was read to the court by Anne Mary Doyle.

“[Karen] hadn’t slept because his mind was always doing something,” she said.

“I want her to get the proper help and support because I worry about her in case she kills herself.”

Harper pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening to burn his mother’s property and assaulting his mother by beating her.

She admitted two other charges of stealing a pint glass from Imperial Hall in Milford Haven and causing criminal damage to an artificial floral display after destroying the door to a wedding reception on August 13.

“Guests saw the defendant pick up someone’s pint glass inside the Imperial Hall, but when told it was not her drink, she started screaming and swearing” , Ms James continued.

“She then came out, carrying artificial flowers, and walked up the street tearing them up.”

Shortly after, she returned to the Imperial Hall as wedding guests were photographed outside. Once again she removed artificial flowers and carried them to Hamilton Terrace.

“She was tripping in the middle of the road and when she got to the bus stop she was heard screaming that she needed the police because she had ‘a screw loose’,” Nia James said.

Harper was represented in court by Tom Lloyd.

“She’s someone in her 50s who’s completely derailed but isn’t getting the help she needs,” he said.

“What does the prison mental health department say? They say there is nothing wrong with it.

“But obviously something went wrong because until recently she hadn’t committed an offense for 20 years.

“She is in a very difficult situation and I am disappointed that immediate custody is the only option.”

Karen Harper was sentenced to 20 weeks in detention. She was also ordered to pay compensation of £28.99 to the Imperial Hall, costs of £85 and a surcharge of £154.

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