Ilfracombe watersports center nears completion

Work on a new nautical center for Ilfracombe is taking shape, with the project getting closer and closer to completion.

Construction work at Ilfracombe Watersports Center is progressing with the facility buildings now nestled in their home at Larkstone Cove and finishes to internal facilities and fittings nearing completion.

The next phase of the project will see the construction of a breakwater and a slipway at the cove. Components that include uniquely modeled seawall blocks are expected to be delivered to site next month.

Ilfracombe Watersports Center under construction – Credit: NDC

Contractors will have to wait for spring tides before work can begin and are expected to begin in early January 2023, with work taking around eight weeks, weather and tide conditions permitting.

The center is expected to be completed by the end of March 2023. When completed, it will provide new homes for three local watersports clubs, Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club, Y-Sail and Ilfracombe Canoe Club.

It will include community facilities for the clubs including a boat warehouse, a slipway providing safe and easy access to the water within a given tidal range, disabled access and facilities , and a cafe with stunning harbor views.

Ilfracombe Watersports Center under construction – Credit: NDC

Senior Economic Development Policy and Strategic Planning Member, Councilor Malcolm Prowse, said: “I am delighted that work on the new Ilfracombe Watersports Center is nearing completion. Although there is still work to be done, the end of the project is now in sight and we can start preparing for the clubs and cafes to move into their new home. This is a real asset for the city and the community.

Senior Environment Member at North Devon Council, Councilor Netti Pearson, said: “It’s a challenging site and I’ve always been concerned about the environmental impact. Pearce Construction, however, does a fantastic job and it’s so nice to see the work done in a way that respects the environment of the centre. I look forward to seeing the center and Larkstone Cove in use and being enjoyed by our wonderful water sports clubs and the wider community.

Ilfracombe Watersports Center under construction – Credit: NDC

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