‘Total disgrace’ as controversial parking approved on Dudley green space

‘Total disgrace’ as controversial parking approved on Dudley green space
‘Total disgrace’ as controversial parking approved on Dudley green space

Over 400 objections to Dudley Council’s application for Netherton Park car park have been filed with claims it will destroy wildlife and be a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

The proposal is to create a new 20 space car park at the front of the Health Centre, an outdoor sports hall within Netherton Park. At a proposed cost of £350,000, a campaign group called ‘The Friends of Netherton Park’ have also complained that the app was a waste of taxpayers’ money.

But the proposal has now been approved and recommending the nomination, a representative from Dudley Council said: ‘The proposal provides a beneficial measure for the use of open space by the community, potentially increasing its use. The proposed development would not adversely affect the location of the existing turf football pitches and there are no road safety issues arising.

“It is considered that there would be no demonstrable damage to nearby amenities and that there would be no adverse impact on the character and appearance of the area. On this basis, the request is considered acceptable.

Reacting on Facebook, members of the ‘Friends of Netherton Park’ Facebook group called the result a ‘total disgrace’ and ‘the final nail in the coffin’. One member said: “Total shame – Dudley Council takes our parks for granted – how quickly they forgot what a lifeline these spaces were during the Covid pandemic.

“I also wonder what the impact will be on water runoff. I hope a poor person will not be flooded after finishing with the tarmac.

Another said: “How sad, final nail in the coffin, Netherton is nothing now, a real ghost town, I remember the 60s and 70s when Netherton Town was a bustling town full of shoppers and from so many different shops, sadly all gone.”

Councilor Taylor, representing Netherton, Woodside and St Andrew’s, also opposed the request, calling it ‘morally wrong’. “I oppose this request on the grounds that it undermines green spaces,” she said.

“I will not support any application for the use or construction of green space for any purpose other than recreation or sports services. This request to set up parking on our green space was not subject to adequate consultation before being published via social networks and no other proposal was considered.

“The inhabitants, the friends of the park, nor any of the local elected officials were in discussion on this proposal. It is morally wrong to move forward without all parties having had the opportunity to come up with alternatives that will not impede our precious green spaces. ”


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. Total disgrace controversial parking approved Dudley green space

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