‘Remove barriers to sex-swap surgeries’, NHS Scotland report says

‘Remove barriers to sex-swap surgeries’, NHS Scotland report says
‘Remove barriers to sex-swap surgeries’, NHS Scotland report says

NHS Scotland plans to fast-track people with gender confusion to irreversible hormones and cross-sex surgeries by ‘breaking down the barriers’ to drugs and procedures.

According to the Scottish Pathway for Trans Healthcare (SPATH) report, it is not “necessary for trans people to experience severe levels of distress regarding their gender incongruity”, and that “access to hormones and surgeries can act as a prophylactic measure against distress”. .

It says that “a single opinion is sufficient for a referral to surgery”, and although it states that counseling or psychotherapy should offer “non-directive support”, this was undermined by the report’s assertion that it should never be a prerequisite for “gender-affirming healthcare”. ”.

“Sex Matters”

The report goes on to recommend that there be a “general shift away from gender-responsive health care”.

Louise Irvine, a retired general practitioner and co-chair of the Sex and Gender Clinical Advisory Network, said it is not possible to “get away completely from gendered health care because everyone has a gender. biological, even if they take additional hormones to affirm or appear differently”.

Susan Smith, from For Women Scotland, said: “Gender, including non-binary identities, is irrelevant in medicine, but sex does.

“Very disturbing”

The SPATH report relies heavily on recommendations from the controversial World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

Consultant psychiatrist Dr David Bell said it is “complete fiction” that WPATH is the authority on the matter and that it is “very disturbing” that NHS Scotland treats it as such.

Dr Bell said: “Ministers’ attention appears to be captured more by groups representing an ideological movement than by those representing an objective scientific approach to these issues, such as NHS England and the Cass Review.”

He added: “We have an ethical duty to young people and adults not to take things at face value. This is something that is completely incompatible with a proper clinical approach.

Gender self-identification

Despite the biggest rebellion in the SNP’s 15 years in power and recent polls confirming the extent of public opposition, the Scottish Government still plans to allow people as young as 16 to choose their own legal gender. .

The so-called concessions to the Gender Self-Identification Bill being considered by the Scottish Government “only scratch the surface” of its problems, warned Ciarán Kelly of the Christian Institute.

He said: “The dangerous acceleration of the process of ‘sex swapping’ and the replacement of medical diagnosis with self-declaration will tragically push even more gender-confused young people onto the treadmill of transition. These government-backed amendments are presented as “concessions” but are in fact little more than window dressing. »

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