Ant and Dec address ‘loophole’ after reporting star

Ant and Dec address ‘loophole’ after reporting star
Ant and Dec address ‘loophole’ after reporting star

The popular presenters host the hit show every night at 9pm from the Australian jungle and take to Instagram Live with viewers after it airs.

On Wednesday night’s show, campmates were discussing sleeping arrangements and viewers complained about Charlene’s refusal to sleep in the camper van with Matt Hancock.

The pair addressed the “RV hammock situation” during Monday’s Instagram Live.

Ant and Dec Confirm Charlene White Didn’t Break I’m A Celeb Rules

Dec said, “Can we talk about the RV hammock situation? Do you understand? I don’t understand.”

Ant replied: “Why wouldn’t she want to sleep in there, it can’t just be because of the spider. Is it because you don’t want to sleep next to Matt? That’s it?

“You have to think about other people who then have to sleep in a hammock because of your actions and then have back pain. So you gotta watch your actions, right?”

Dec added: “I’m not sure he’s playing as a team member taking a bed.”

To which Ant replied: “It’s against the rules they said…well yeah maybe. I think that might be the case and I will talk to the producers about it.”

However, during Thursday’s episode, Ant and Dec clarified that there was no rule violation.

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The Geordie duo informed fans on Twitter during Thursday’s episode: “The rules stated that only the chef and deputy are allowed to stay in the RV, this did not state that they SHOULD… ImACeleb ”.

However, many viewers remained skeptical and called on the presenters to change.

One fan wrote: “you are ant and you can change the rules.”

A second user added: “This flaw needs to be fixed for next time!”

Referencing the former Health Secretary’s controversial appearance on the show after he resigned for breaking his own Covid social distancing policy, a third viewer quipped: “Is this advice or rules?”

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