mum-of-one upset after dog Teddy goes missing

A mum-of-one has revealed her devastation after her seven-year-old dog disappeared from her home in Gorleston.

A male Tibetan Spaniel called Teddy went missing from Highfield Road, Gorleston on Saturday October 29 at around 8.30pm.

Owner Keeley Alderton said Teddy escaped the house through the cat flap before digging a hole at the bottom of the garden to enter his neighbour’s backyard before disappearing.

Ms Alderton, said she has been going “worry crazy” since her beloved dog went missing over the weekend.

She said: “I’ve literally been everywhere for him – I just can’t understand him.

Teddy was last seen in Gorleston on Saturday October 29.
– Credit: Provided

“Nothing like this has ever happened before and it’s been really difficult to deal with.

“I just want Teddy to be safe at home.”

The 29-year-old, who said she couldn’t work this week due to worry, took to Facebook widely and even started a public Facebook group that attracted more than 300 members.

After calling the police, RSPCA and vets, as well as friends to help with the search, Ms Alderton said she had reached a “dead end” in her search to bring him home.

She said: “I’ve tried leaving her stuff with her perfume on it but still haven’t had any luck so far.”

And her situation worsened after opportunistic scammers started targeting her.

She said: “It’s the last thing I need right now.

Keeley Alderton with Teddy

Keeley Alderton with Teddy
– Credit: Provided

“I’ve had people call me saying they’ve taken Teddy and asking for money, but I found out they’re in another country, but it’s still not nice to To hear.”

Ms Alderton, who works at a local college, said she would pay £500 for Teddy’s safe return.

“If I could get a group of people together to help me find it and cover more areas like Great Yarmouth, Caister, Bradwell, Belton and Lowestoft I would really appreciate it,” she said.

“I need people to look in places like gardens, sheds, garages, parks and bushes.

“Please join me and help me find my Teddy.”

. Gorleston mom dun child is upset after disappearance dog Teddy

. mumofone upset dog Teddy missing

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