Cheshire Police launch custodial suite offender scheme

Cheshire Police launch custodial suite offender scheme
Cheshire Police launch custodial suite offender scheme

A NEW program has been launched in the Middlewich Detention Suite to help prevent domestic abusers from re-offending.

This program for offenders was launched in Cheshire Police detention suites to help those who commit domestic violence offenses to change their behaviour.

Following funding secured by Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer, Cheshire Police is one of the first forces in the country to offer the Custody Scheme in each of its three Custody Suites, based in Chester, Middlewich and Runcorn.

The project is launching this month following a successful pilot project in Middlewich and is carried out in partnership with My CWA (formerly known as Cheshire Without Abuse) – the Cheshire-based charity which supports families affected by domestic violence.

My CWA has recruited a team of experts who are now based in the custody suites and are there to support perpetrators in custody, offering them access to counseling services and a change in behavior upon release.

Authors can choose whether or not to access the services, but all people are contacted and the benefits explained.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer said: “Domestic violence has a devastating impact on the whole family and it is important that we seek to end this cycle of violence.

“I have worked with the Home Office to secure investment for this valuable program and following the success of the pilot project we are already seeing the positive impact it has had on perpetrators and the comfort given to victims. Consequently.

“Working with My CWA allows us to provide the best possible support when offenders leave police custody and gives us confidence that they have access to all the tools possible to end this harmful behavior.”

Once the abuser leaves police custody, he is referred to a community program that lasts 32 weeks and includes a series of online, individual and group sessions.

Superintendent Claire Jesson added: “Domestic violence can affect anyone and it remains a priority for the force.

“Our goal is to resolve issues and prevent them from happening again, so we work with abusers to address their offense and the reasons for their behavior.

“Along with supporting perpetrators of offences, we have agents specializing in domestic violence who support victims, which allows for a supportive approach to the family.

“Cheshire Police have a very close working relationship with My CWA who provide a fantastic service.

“This is reinforced by the wonderful support we receive from IDVAs [Independent Domestic Violence Advisers] at county domestic violence centers.

“As a force, we have a zero tolerance approach to domestic violence and this program supports that, it is not a substitute for punishment.”

Beverley Wrighton, Deputy Chief Executive of My CWA, added: “My CWA has been supporting families affected by domestic violence across Cheshire for over 45 years and our relationship with Cheshire Police has always been a valuable and effective partnership.

“Together, we are sharing ideas and innovating to create new initiatives such as the recent guard suite program.”

The Community Support Program does not replace the criminal process and its results, but it offers those who have committed an offense the opportunity to change and avoid future harmful actions, leading to a break in the cycle of violence.

Abuse can affect anyone, regardless of gender or age, and appropriate support services are available for male and female offenders and for young offenders.

. cheshire police launch program for perpetrators of offenses in sequels detention

. Cheshire Police launch custodial suite offender scheme