Car allegedly stolen at knifepoint on Mytham Road

Car allegedly stolen at knifepoint on Mytham Road
Car allegedly stolen at knifepoint on Mytham Road

A car was allegedly stolen at knifepoint from a young mother with her baby earlier today.

The seat is believed to have been stolen from Mytham Road, Little Lever at around 4.45pm, near the medical surgeries.

Cllr Sean Hornby, who represents the area on Bolton Council, says he is aware of the alleged incident and has called for an immediate police response.

He said: ‘I have just emailed Greater Manchester Police Chief and Bolton Chief Superintendent Stephanie Parker saying we need them to take immediate action.

“So this has now come out on council lettering saying we’ve had enough, we’ve had five named incidents in recent days with two armed robberies.

“Little Lever is becoming a no go zone, people are scared and we need police on the streets, in the community to provide reassurance.”

He added: “For this to happen outside a medical center at 4.45pm, it is appalling, absolutely appalling.

“How does it must feel for a child to see this, a car stolen at knifepoint?”

The car was allegedly stolen by a single robber armed with a knife and dressed in all black.

Cllr Hornby says that in response he expects the Chief of Police and Chief Superintendent to provide a visible police presence and has requested a meeting with them to discuss this.

He said that since he was first elected in 2006, he has seen the police manning situation steadily deteriorate thanks to continuous budget cuts.

It comes shortly after outbreaks of unrest near Moses Gate saw several people taken to hospital on Sunday evening.

These violent scenes have prompted similar calls for more action to be taken by police in the Little Lever area.

Cllr Hornby said: ‘Today we don’t even have a PCSO at Little Lever, let alone a police officer.

“We were told at the last meeting we had that we won’t have any until February next year and that’s appalling, we won’t accept that.”

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for comment.

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