Councilors vote to ‘strongly oppose’ fracking in town

Councilors vote to ‘strongly oppose’ fracking in town
Councilors vote to ‘strongly oppose’ fracking in town

COUNCILORS voted to ‘strongly oppose’ fracking in the city.

Motions, from Labor and the Liberal Democrats, on the contentious issue were passed at the council’s full meeting on Monday after winning cross-party support.

It will see council “strongly oppose” fracking and associated activities – and do “everything possible within its powers and influence” to oppose fracking anywhere in the borough and in the surrounding area.

Cllr Bob Barr, leader of the city’s Liberal Democrats, said: ‘This motion should not hold us back for long as there now appears to be a consensus amongst the political parties represented here that fracking should not take place in the UK United.

“Our motion, and that of the Labor Group, was triggered by the decision of the last Prime Minister and members of his cabinet to use the energy crisis as a pretext to backtrack on a clear commitment to ban fracking with a moratorium.

“As the current Prime Minister has reversed this decision and promised to maintain the moratorium, all members of council should find themselves in a position to support this motion and it should require little discussion.

“As the leader of my party, I approached fracking with an open mind as long as the promise of minimal environmental damage could be scientifically verified. It can not be.”

Cllr Barr said fracking causes earthquakes, which “although small in magnitude cannot be reliably predicted”.

He also said fracking releases hydrocarbons, gas and shale oil that contributes to greenhouse gases and global warming when used.

He added: “Fracting operations are locally disruptive and can permanently affect groundwater.

“There is no economic case for fracking as the amount of oil and gas produced in the UK would have virtually no effect on global energy prices.

“When the facts change, I change my mind. They have changed.

“Fracking would violate both council and government net zero commitments and run counter to efforts to slow global warming.”

. councilors vote for oppose firmly fracking hydraulic city

. Councilors vote strongly oppose fracking town

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