Dame Cressida Dick ‘felt intimidated’ into stepping down as Met Police Commissioner and London Mayor Sadiq Khan ‘failed to follow due process’, report says

Dame Cressida Dick ‘felt intimidated’ into stepping down as Met Police Commissioner and London Mayor Sadiq Khan ‘failed to follow due process’, report says
Dame Cressida Dick ‘felt intimidated’ into stepping down as Met Police Commissioner and London Mayor Sadiq Khan ‘failed to follow due process’, report says

Dame Cressida Dick “felt intimidated” into stepping down as Metropolitan Police Commissioner after an ultimatum from London Mayor Sadiq Khan, an independent report has revealed.

The review, by Sir Thomas Winsor, in Departure of Lady Cressida of the force in February also found that due process had not been followed.

Dame Cressida said she would stand down after evidence was sent by officers from Charing Cross Police Station. racist, sexist and homophobic messages to another.

The report found the mayor was “particularly concerned” that one of the officers who sent the offensive messages was on the same team as Wayne Couzens, the former Met officer who was imprisoned for life for the 2021 murder of Sarah Everard.

Mr Khan then told Dame Cressida privately that it was his “last chance salon” and that she had to “throw everything on it”.

In his report, Sir Thomas concluded: “Due process was not followed by the Mayor of London and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime in their action which led, on 10 February 2022, to Dame Cressida Dick resign as Commissioner of Police. of the Metropolis.

“Those acting on behalf of the mayor have told the commissioner that he intends to publicly announce his loss of confidence in her, and that he intends to begin the process of statutory removal, in the afternoon of February 10, 2022.

“She felt intimidated by this process to step down, and I can understand that reaction.

“The Mayor’s actions did not respect the Commissioner’s dignity as an individual and as a holder of high public office.

“He did not act, notably on February 10, 2022 itself, in accordance with the legislative scheme, let alone in its spirit.”

The Met has since been placed in special measures and also suffered a backlash during its investigation into parties across Downing Street and Whitehall during the COVID shutdowns.

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Cressida Dick leaves the Met

Khan “oppressive” and “unreasonable”

Responding to the report, Dame Cressida said: “To lead the Met and serve the people of London was a wonderful privilege. My first priority has always been their safety.

“I regret that this report was necessary but I hope it will help create a more solid basis for my successors.

“Sir Tom has written a very detailed and forensic account of the circumstances surrounding my departure.

“He found the mayor failed to follow due process and his behavior at times was oppressive, unreasonable, totally unacceptable and unjust.”

She added: “I fully respect the need for democratic control of the police. It is also important that politicians observe due process and do not break the rules.

“I hope this report provides an opportunity for others to reflect on the operation and accountability of City Hall.”

Report is ‘one-sided’, claims Khan

Mr Khan, who came under fire from several senior police officials at the time of Dame Cressida’s resignation, responded by describing the report’s claims as “clearly biased” and saying they “ignored all the facts”.

The mayor previously said the incidents that led to his downfall included:

• His inability to deal with a culture of misogyny and racism within the force

• The scandal at Charing Cross police station where officers shared racist, sexist, misogynistic and Islamophobic messages. Two of the officers investigated were promoted, while nine were left to serve in the Met.

• Met management’s handling of the March 2021 murder of Ms Everard by a serving Met officer. Mr Khan said the investigation must “leave no stone unturned”.

• Another scandal involving the Met where two officers took pictures at the scene where two sisters lay murdered in a London park.

Mr Khan added in a statement: “Under the watch of the former commissioner, confidence in the police has fallen to record lows following a litany of horrific scandals.

“What happened was simple – I lost faith in the former commissioner’s ability to make the changes needed and she then chose to step down.

“Londonians elected me to hold the Met Commissioner to account and that’s exactly what I did. I make absolutely no apologies for demanding better for London and for putting the interests of the city I love first.”

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, said: “Public confidence in the Met has been shaken by a series of appalling incidents and it is vital that the shortcomings are rectified and professional standards are restored to the level we Londoners deserve.”

Dame Cressida left her post in April and is to be replaced by Sir Mark Rowley.

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. Dame Cressida Dick felt intimidated stepping Met Police Commissioner London Mayor Sadiq Khan failed follow due process report

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