Glasgow’s top restaurant forced to close as business ‘not viable’ in current climate

A TOP-rated restaurant in Glasgow has been forced to close after the current climate made the business ‘unsustainable’.

The Scran cafe in Glasgow has closed four years after it opened during the city’s Alexandra Parade.

The Scran cafe was forced to closeCredit: INSTAGRAM
Owner Chris Mears shared the news on social mediaCredit: INSTAGRAM

The restaurant owner, who was voted Scottish Cafe of the Year at the Food Awards Scotland last year, shared the news on social media.

Chris Mears said his decision to close involved a number of factors including the “current climate which is simply unsustainable”.

But he added that they hope to reopen elsewhere in the near future.

Posting to the cafe’s Instagram account, Chris wrote: “Ok. So here’s the post that I’ve postponed for as long as possible and dread to share with you all.

Skyrocketing energy bills

“I know this will upset many of our amazing customers and now dear friends.

“But it is with a really heavy heart that we have to close our beloved SCRAN almost exactly 4 years since we opened this door.

“Believe us when we say we’re as upset as you will be, but our hands are tied.

“There are so many reasons for this, but there is no benefit in pointing fingers or blaming a single factor.

“The reality is that this is the culmination of so many things and the business where we are and in the current climate is simply unsustainable.

“Never fear, as we plan to reopen in the very near future, hopefully not too far away. (East).

“Look at it like we’re just going to move house and go on vacation for a few weeks.

“The new SCRAN may be slightly different, but it will be better than before and full of the same personal touches, high standards and love that you are all used to.

“Our last scheduled trading day will be Sunday, OCTOBER 2. (Not this weekend!)

“So until then, keep showing us the undying love and support that has always made us smile.

“It was a blast.”

The post has racked up over 2,500 likes and 300 comments.

Locals were devastated by the decision, with many flocking to the comments to share their disappointment and offer messages of support for Chris.

One user said: “I gutted you to do this but you have to do what’s best. You will have queues at the door in no time after you return.”

Another added: “Gutted. But I wish you good luck. Will be a customer wherever you are brother.”

While a third wrote: “Soz to hear this and can 100% understand – this doesn’t sound good to any of us – can’t wait to see the new you and hope you enjoy all the free time you deserve.”

Someone else posted: “absolutely gutted for you what a shitty decision to make. Excited for the future.”

It’s not the only restaurant that has been forced to make tough decisions during the cost of living crisis.

The Mercat Bar and Grill in Musselburgh, East Lothian, may be forced to close all week to survive the winter.

Restaurant owner Graham Blaikie revealed the business’s energy bills had soared to £280 a DAY and food suppliers had also increased their costs.

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And he says that to survive the coming months he will have to close the restaurant Monday through Thursday and only open to customers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

He told STV News: “Obviously this is going to restrict my trading, but at least it will mean that when I’m open I’ll take enough to justify being open.”

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