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Mystery surrounds Malvern Link’s mysterious noise

Mystery surrounds Malvern Link’s mysterious noise
Mystery surrounds Malvern Link’s mysterious noise

A MYSTERIOUS noise in Malvern Link has left locals scratching their heads trying to figure out the source.

Residents say they were awakened in the middle of the night by a noise, but no one seems able to identify it.

Reports online have suggested the noise could be from a vehicle puncturing a tyre, work being done at the site of the new Aldi or a steam traction engine.

Mandy Simmonds from Coronation Road posted about the noise in a local Facebook group for Malvern and received many responses from the local community.

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She said: “It woke me up around 2am in the early hours of Sunday.

“I would describe it as a rhythmic tapping at first, which gradually got louder before fading and disappearing.

“It bothered me so much and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I popped the question on Facebook.

“It seems from the number of comments that I certainly wasn’t the only one wondering what the noise could be.”

Mandy said many people seemed to believe the noise was coming from the Hanley Swan area.

She heard the noise on Sunday August 28th.

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She said people have come forward with potential ideas.

Mandy said: “People were saying they saw a white van in the area but I don’t know if it could make that kind of noise.

“Others suggested it could be work in progress on the railway tracks.

“To me, it almost sounded like an old steam traction engine because of its noise level.

“That was the weirdest thing.”

. Mystery surrounds Malvern Links mysterious noise

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