Bin strikes in Scotland: action against litter and education suspended

Bin strikes in Scotland: action against litter and education suspended
Bin strikes in Scotland: action against litter and education suspended

Waste and education strikes across Scotland have been put on hold after unions announced they would offer members a new wage offer.

Members of the waste service and non-teaching educational roles were due to leave next week, but talks with the Prime Minister Nicholas Sturgeon led to an offer likely to put an end to the strikes.

GMB and Unite have joined Unison in suspending the strike, saying they will offer a new pay offer to members they suggest they accept.

Wendy Dunsmore, Unite’s chief negotiator for local government, said: “After the last round of intensive talks, a credible new offer has finally been put on the table by Cosla.

“Unite wants to acknowledge the Prime Minister’s direct involvement as the main reason for the breakthrough.

“The offer on the table is fully consolidated and as such there will be more money in the pot going forward for local government employees.”

Under the revised offer, workers earning up to £20,500 will receive raises of £2,000 a year.

There will also be a £1,925 increase for those earning between £20,500 and £39,000, as well as a 5% increase for those earning between £39,000 and £60,000.

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Rubbish piled up in Edinburgh during the Fringe festival after industrial action

Those earning over £60,000 will have a maximum raise of £3,000.

Union Local Government Leader Johanna Baxter described the offer as a “victory” for members after eight months of negotiations, while GMB Scotland’s main organizer Keir Greenaway said the deal offer “brings a significant amount of consolidated money” to the lowest paid workers.

The wage dispute has seen piles of rubbish pile up in Scottish town centers and the suspension comes after lengthy negotiations between Ms Sturgeon, local authority body Cosla and unions at St Andrews House on Thursday night.

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