Scottish education and waste services workers get pay rise after strike

Scottish education and waste services workers get pay rise after strike
Scottish education and waste services workers get pay rise after strike

Strikes in education and waste services in Scotland have been suspended after unions said they would offer members a new pay offer.

GMB and Unite have joined Unison in suspending the strike.

Schools across Scotland had been threatened with closure next week at the start of the school year as catering staff, cleaners, teaching assistants and childcare assistants prepared to go out.

Unions have rejected an offer for a 5% pay rise and councils have tried to stop the disruption by offering workers a minimum wage rise of at least £2,000 for next year. But the unions said the offer was unacceptable.

Strikes by workers in Bin have led to litter piling up on the streets since unions launched industrial action on August 18, amid Edinburgh’s Fringe festival, in a row over wages with local government body Cosla .

Waste workers from 13 other local authorities, including Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen, have also taken action.

But marathon talks chaired by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon have resulted in an offer that could end the risk of strikes.

Both unions also recommended that members accept the offer.

Wendy Dunsmore, Unite’s Chief Local Government Negotiator, said: “After the last round of intensive talks, a credible new offer has finally been put on the table by Cosla.

“Unite wants to acknowledge the Prime Minister’s direct involvement as the main reason for the breakthrough.

“The offer on the table is fully consolidated and as such there will be more money in the pot going forward for local government employees.

“It provides some degree of security for the lowest earners, with a flat rate offer of £2,000, which is an increase of around 10-11%.

“We now have a credible offer that our local government officials can recommend to members for acceptance.”

Keir Greenaway, Senior Utilities Organizer for GMB, said: ‘It’s not a perfect deal, but the GMB Scotland Local Government Committee feel it is worthy of member consultation and support. their acceptance, but ultimately our members whose campaign and strike actions have improved these terms will have the final say.

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