Ranking EUSA Welcome Week 2022 events from bizarre to downright whack

After two years of Covid, Freshers’ Week is returning to its former glory. From Saturday 10 September to Sunday 18 September, EUSA will be hosting a range of events to welcome students to the University of Edinburgh.

The final events of Freshers’ Week took place in 2019, when Edi’s students were blessed with appearances from the Vengaboys, Love Island’s Belle (although it was originally supposed to be Maura who was said to have been in iconic fact) and Hodor from Game of Thrones.

EUSA recently announced its Welcome Week 2022 events, and let’s just say you certainly won’t forget them anytime soon.

It wouldn’t be a welcome week at Edinburgh University with just regular, boring clubbing events. Instead, EUSA hosted truly unique theme parties and celebrity appearances.

And to help you decide which ones to get tickets for, we’ve ranked our favorites from weird to downright whacky:

6. Beach Foam Party with Danica from Love Island – Meet & Greet

The Beach Foam Party with a Love Island star is nothing new – in 2019 we had Belle Hassan, and yes I stood in line to take a picture with her.

But the fact that it’s HR Danica who comes on Friday night is wonderful.

To use her own words to describe herself, EUSA would of course choose the “articulate and quite intellectual young woman” to make an appearance. She is an inspiration for all the first years to follow.

Honestly, Danica was such a solid cast member of this year’s Love Island, and for £10 you can meet her. What a victory.

5. Big Cheese Presents: DJ Set Busted – Charlie Simpson

It’s fitting that Freshers’ Week starts on Saturday night with a Big Cheese. And not just any Big Cheese.

I’m not gonna lie, if you just told me Charlie Simpson’s name, I’d say ‘who?’ But we all know who Busted are.

It’s pretty standard for Big Cheese to have famous DJs, but what’s intriguing about this one is that the description on the EUSA website makes it sound like it’s going to be quite heavy: “Let’s fast forward to the year 3000 and have some fun in the past listening to all the iconic Busted tracks that live free in your head.

“This incredible evening of live music will be hosted by none other than Busted member Charlie Simpson!!

“Prepare to come see the real deal and experience the legend and wonderful music of a great era – what could be better!”

My first thoughts are that I don’t really have any pieces of Busted living without rent in my head, and I’m not sure Charlie really counts as a legend (no offense). But it looks like a fun first comeback from Cheese.

There’s nothing like a Big Cheese

4. Bingo Girls

This one made me smile. Bingo Babes will take place at Teviot Garden on Tuesday evenings from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

The event description reads: “With a flutter of false eyelashes and a shower of glitter, the adorable Bingo Babes will be taking over the Teviot Garden for a night of bingo!

“There will be mischief, mayhem and more ball jokes than you can handle, with fabulous prizes to be won and drag performances too.”

How amazing does that sound? !

Bingo, booze and ball jokes. I am here.

3. Big Cheese Presents: Tribute to Robot Rock Daft Punk

Considering this is the last event of Freshers’ Week, I’m a little confused as to why a Daft Punk tribute band is headlining.

Big Cheeses are known for being wacky at times, but this sounds a little weird.

The event description reads “Robot Rock – Daft Punk Tribute will take over Venue for our Freshers Final Night! Expect a state-of-the-art sound and light show.

“You’re in luck with this one, come along for an evening of hits from around the world and end the welcome week on a high with this tribute to the legendary techno duo.”

I guess this is some sort of attempt to trick the new Pollock Boys into thinking Big Cheeses is club night for them, but they’ll soon realize the truth once the bouncy castle pops up a few weeks later.

Don’t get me wrong, it sounds good. But in 2019 we had the real Vengaboys, just to say.

Vibes better be this good

2. Gok Wan Live DJ Set

Am I the only one who doesn’t even know Gok Wan was a DJ?

As if fashion icon that is Gok Wan graced the turntables at Potterrow on Tuesday night. I am officially speechless.

According to the description on the EUSA website, Gok will “lead an incredible night of songs so you can get to work.”

These tunes will be “moving and uplifting house”. I really can’t wait.

1. Rink-o-Mania – Stranger Things 80s Wheel Disco

Alright, there’s so much to unpack here.

The thought of a regular 80s nightclub in Potterrow would be enough to make you question everything you’ve ever known, but a Stranger Things?! Madness.

There are 12 slots to choose from, all lasting 30 minutes from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. on Wednesdays, and 80s fancy dress is strongly encouraged.

Honestly, I have so many questions. Where do roller skates come from? What does a Potterrow roller rink look like? Will everyone get a roller skate in the face like Angela did?

Despite how unbalanced this event is, it’s definitely not an event to miss.

What a versatile space!

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. ranking of events Week lEUSA weird downright whack

. Ranking EUSA Week events bizarre downright whack

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