Fetch app for New Cambridgeshire dog owners coming soon

Fetch app for New Cambridgeshire dog owners coming soon
Fetch app for New Cambridgeshire dog owners coming soon

An Ely man has developed an app for Cambridgeshire dog owners to learn, find services and create a community center for dog owners.

App developer Colin Lee Berry will soon release “Fetch – Cambridgeshire”.

The app was designed with dog owners in mind, providing a range of information including how to care for your dog, from hair to food, as well as specific help and information for 65 breeds.

A host of services will also be available to users, such as groomers, sitters and walkers, dog encounters and an alert system to ping people’s phones if a dog goes missing.

Colin said: “We will be asking the vets to give this information on all the different breeds,

“So far we have listed 65 breeds with information about them and will have more content added over time.

The app was developed with Ely and Cambridgeshire in mind, although Colin aspires to create other versions for parts of the country.

“Initially, we start with Ely because I live in Ely. I know it’s a good community.

“And I’ve spoken to the owners and there seems to be a lot in the community and I see all these pages full of people asking for different services.

“So, as an app developer, I saw the opportunity to build a service and bring the community together.”

“Doggy Dating” is a feature less for dogs and more “for owners who want to hang out or live alone and want to meet other like-minded people”.

There will be a nominal fee of £4.99 or £5.99 so that we can meet running costs and some of this money will go to various dog charities.

“We will be implementing a monthly voting system allowing app users to vote for which charity should receive the profit sharing donation for that month,” letting users choose where the money goes because “the main thing we want to focus on is community”.

The application should be available from Monday, September 5, 2022.

Once available, it can be downloaded at: www.bespokecommunityapps.com/app-landing-page, via a QR code.

. Fetch app for owners dogs Cambridgeshire will be soon available

. Fetch app Cambridgeshire dog owners coming

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