Dad attacked man on crutches in the street and broke his jaw

Dad attacked man on crutches in the street and broke his jaw
Dad attacked man on crutches in the street and broke his jaw

A 39-year-old father has been jailed for more than two years after attacking a man on crutches in the street and breaking his jaw.

Brett Tasker’s victim, whom he had known since childhood, was left slumped on his crutches and bleeding, but then had to have his teeth removed and two metal plates fitted to repair his damaged jaw.

Bradford Crown Court heard on Thursday that the plaintiff had been restricted to a liquid diet for a few weeks after the broad daylight attack in March this year and recorder Ian Mullarkey said the man was clearly vulnerable because he used crutches at the time.

Prosecutor Lauren Smith said Tasker, of no fixed abode, approached his victim in Fountain Street, Halifax around 3:30 p.m. that afternoon and punched him once in the face.

When the plaintiff asked why he did it, Tasker referenced his own girlfriend and added, “When I see you again, I’ll break your other leg.”

Miss Smith said the complainant had to stay in hospital for three days after the attack and then returned for surgery on his broken jaw.

The court heard that Tasker, who had previous convictions, later sent messages apologizing for the attack, but when questioned by police he denied being involved and gave them a false alibi .

On the day of his trial, Tasker admitted a charge of causing grievous bodily harm and today he was jailed for 32 months.

Attorney Abigail Langford, for Tasker, said her last conviction for a violent offense was in 2015 and she admitted her client had “overreacted”.

She said Tasker was remorseful and sorry and described the attack as “a momentary lack of self-control” on her part.

Recorder Mullarkey told Tasker via a video link from the jail: “The plaintiff was obviously vulnerable as he was using crutches at the time.”

He said Tasker’s victim suffered permanent and irreversible injuries due to the loss of teeth and he noted that the defendant violated an existing community ordinance at the time.

The judge said Tasker was entitled to a 10% reduction on the starting three-year sentence due to his guilty plea on the day of trial.

. father attacked man with crutches in street broke jaw

. Dad attacked man crutches street broke jaw

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