Nine hours for an NHS 24 recall for Dundee baby Mya

Nine hours for an NHS 24 recall for Dundee baby Mya
Nine hours for an NHS 24 recall for Dundee baby Mya

NHS Tayside has apologized to a mother in Dundee who waited nine hours for help for her sick baby.

Mya McLeod, 10 months old, developed a rash and blood in her stool last Sunday.

Mum Georgie Malone was understandably worried and called NHS 24 for help.

But then I had to wait a staggering nine hours to be called back.

Georgia and Mya.

Georgie, 21, was worried when Mya fell ill on Sunday afternoon.

She explains: “She was quite sick – she was screaming and came out with a rash on her body and cheek.

“She also had blood in her poo, it was really scary.

“I phoned 111 at 6 p.m. and explained what was wrong. I was told I would be called back, usually within four hours.

Georgie sat anxiously by her phone, waiting for them to call back.

“I didn’t want to go to A&E while I was waiting for that phone call,” Georgie continues.

“Because I didn’t want to be in one place and get a call telling me to go somewhere else.”

“Always on the list”

But at 10:30 p.m., Georgie had heard nothing.

“I texted my great-grandmother Margaret and said, should I call them back?

“She said I should check just in case I got lost in the system.

“When I phoned them they said we were still on the list but they didn’t know how long it would take.

“I had been waiting for nine hours”

“I was able to stay awake until 3 am. But by then I couldn’t keep my eyes open and must have fallen asleep.

“They finally called me back after 3am – I had been waiting for nine by then and didn’t hear my phone as I was so tired.”

Georgie woke up in the morning and was worried that she had missed the call.

Baby Mya fell ill.

She immediately called 111 again, only to be told the lines were closed.

Georgie phoned the Crescent GP surgery in Whitfield for an appointment.

She was impressed by their quick action.

“They gave me a date that day and told me to keep an eye out for Mya,” Georgie explains.

“All that matters is that Mya is fine”

“They even called me back afterwards to check that everything was fine with her.

“And they got a pediatrician to come in contact with the blood in her poop, which they think could be because she had a stomach ache before.

“At the end of the day, all that matters to me is that Mya is okay.

“But given his symptoms and his age, you would think they would phone someone with a baby first?

“It was horrible and truly shocking that we waited this long.”

What does NHS Tayside say?

An NHS Tayside spokesperson told us that the NHS 24 111 service assesses all calls and prioritizes them appropriately.

It is then transmitted to the local Out Of Hours service.

Callback times vary by priority category.

Calls from paramedics and those identified as requiring an urgent call back by the NHS 24 within the hour are given priority.

They explain: “The Out Of Hours team is working very hard to try to get everyone back as quickly as possible.

“However, at peak times, such as at weekends when GP surgeries are closed, it sometimes takes longer to respond to routine calls.

“We’re sorry that in this instance the caller experienced a delay in receiving a callback.”

GP satisfaction: clinics in Scotland ranked best to worst – how did Tayside and Fife do?

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[Nine hours for a call back from NHS 24 for Dundee baby Mya]



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