Leeds man admits burglary at County Durham cash and carry warehouse

Leeds man admits burglary at County Durham cash and carry warehouse
Leeds man admits burglary at County Durham cash and carry warehouse

A man admitted to participating in a well-organized robbery of a cash and carry wholesaler, but on the basis he was just a mercenary.

Daniel Dodgson has pleaded guilty to the burglary at the premises of Batley’s Cash and Carry in the Drum industrial estate near Chester-le-Street.

Tobacco products were taken in the burglary which took place on the night of March 1-2 this year after a section of the wall was removed.

The 33-year-old defendant, from Kensington Way, Leeds, admitted the charge when he appeared before magistrates last month.

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His case was sent for sentencing to Durham Crown Court, where Dodgson’s solicitor Sean Smith requested a further adjournment to allow a pre-sentence report on his client to be prepared by the probation service.

Judge Jo Kidd said it appeared to be a “sophisticated and targeted burglary” by roving thieves.

But Mr Smith said: “The defense says it may have been sophisticated and planned, but he was a henchman who left his DNA at the scene and played no part in the planning of the incident. ‘offense.”

Agreeing to the adjournment, Judge Kidd said: ‘The prosecution can accept or challenge the role he has fulfilled.

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“The fact that I am adjourning for a pre-sentence report should not be taken as an indication of the likely outcome of the case.”

The accused, who is being held at nearby Durham Jail, was further remanded in custody to be sentenced by the court on September 29.

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. man Leeds admits burglary in warehouse cash carry county Durham

. Leeds man admits burglary County Durham cash carry warehouse

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