Tettenhall woman wins prestigious business award after 22 years

Tettenhall woman wins prestigious business award after 22 years
Tettenhall woman wins prestigious business award after 22 years

Caroline Ranwell has run the business for 22 years

Hugs & Kisses, an independent card and gift shop run by Caroline Ranwell with the help of her daughter Katie, recently won a Retas award.

Launched by Progressive Greetings magazine as an annual awards program in 2005, the Retas celebrates retailers large and small in the greeting card industry.

Since the summer of 2000, Caroline’s business has been doing well for 22 years and has been awarded ‘Best Independent Greetings Card Retailer in Wales and the Midlands’.

“It’s a really big deal for us,” Caroline said, “It’s like the Oscars for the gift shop world!”

Before owning her own business, Caroline was a card saleswoman and sold greeting cards to other stores.

“Katie left school and wanted to do what I was doing,” Caroline said, “but unfortunately people her age in this kind of work aren’t taken seriously. But my daughter grew up in this industry, so I decided to open a little card shop for her in Merry Hill.”

“My daughter and I have always run the shop together – apart from a year when she worked elsewhere which was the best thing as she came back soon!” she joked.

After Caroline’s lease for the Merry Hill branch ended, she decided to open a clothes shop 300 yards from the site in Upper Green, Tettenhall.

She said: “We were selling clothes in the Tettenhall store for about a year before lockdown, and during lockdown they sold very well on our Facebook group.”

The group, called Number 43 Clothing & Handbags at Hugs & Kisses, has over 6,500 members.

Last year, Hugs & Kisses was one of the finalists for the Retas awards, and this year it won the title.

The 57-year-old said: “It was a great awards ceremony. I didn’t cry when I went up to receive the award, but I did for about half an hour when I sat back down!”

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. female Tettenhall wins prestigious corporate award after years

. Tettenhall woman wins prestigious business award years

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