Volunteer Cornwall calls for volunteers amid cost of living crisis

Volunteer Cornwall calls for volunteers amid cost of living crisis
Volunteer Cornwall calls for volunteers amid cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is worrying many households and businesses across the county, leading a Cornish charity to ask for help to support people through the winter months.

Volunteer Cornwall, which has coordinated volunteering across Cornwall during the Covid pandemic, is now drawing up plans to mobilize volunteers to support the most vulnerable through what is thought ‘could be the toughest winter in memory. ‘man’ for some.

“We seriously believe that for some people this will be one crisis too many.

“We believe this will push some people over the edge, which could lead to physical and/or mental illness, hypothermia, dehydration and malnutrition or, in extreme cases, death of people,” said Andy Brelsford, Support & Development. Manager at Volunteer Cornwall.

Volunteer Cornwall has for much of this year been in talks with other charities and public sector bodies in Cornwall about how best to support the most vulnerable through what will no doubt be a very difficult time. for many.


“Once before, when Cornwall faced the threat of Covid, volunteers showed their true colors and stood up for their communities and vowed to look after each and every one, the Cornish way. And we hope people will do the same with this new emergency. »

Volunteer Cornwall is looking for volunteers willing to support their communities and the charities that serve them, by giving just a little of their time to help. Roles can include:

• Food bank parcel delivery: drop off food parcels from food banks to people who cannot physically enter to pick them up

• Delivery of Winter Warmth packs – practical aid to help people get through the coldest days of winter

• Distribution of winter wellness packs – Distribution of Surviving Winter guides, filled with tips, advice and useful telephone numbers

• Provide a “watchdog” service to monitor people considered at risk or vulnerable – Agree to keep a weekly eye on a vulnerable person to ensure they are eating and warming up

• Friendship by phone: call single people to chat

• Christmas Angels – Ensure people are not left alone or isolated during the holiday season by watching over them and including them in the festivities.

• Other tasks by negotiation

If you are interested in becoming a winter volunteer, please email [email protected] with “WINTER” in the title and your name, address, email address and telephone number, together with details of any interests, skills or experience you may have.

Over 4,000 people responded to the call for help during Covid and completed over 80,000 tasks to support Cornwall’s most vulnerable residents.

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. Volunteer Cornwall calls volunteers cost living crisis

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