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Vandals decapitate a statue honoring Droitwich’s history

Vandals decapitate a statue honoring Droitwich’s history
Vandals decapitate a statue honoring Droitwich’s history

Vandals decapitated a sculpture honoring Droitwich’s history.

The wooden statue of the Lido Park salt worker has been decapitated.

It comes just a week after Wychavon District Council staff moved the sculpture after it became “unstable”.

Jon Hulbert, the council’s senior parks and green spaces manager, said: ‘We are deeply disappointed by the vandalism of the saltman statue and struggle to understand the mentality of whoever is responsible.

“Since its move, we have received many positive comments from park users about their enjoyment of being able to see the sculpture up close.”

The statue was created by artist Tom Harvey in 2015, when the council asked him to make something out of the remains of a large beech tree infected with a fungal disease called Meripilus Giganteus.

The sculpture pictured at its unveiling in 2015 with Wychavon Chairman Val Wood, Wychavon Greenspace Manager Tim Oldham and artist Tom Harvey.

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As this posed a health and safety risk, officers from the District Council’s parks team decided to remove the giant tree’s heavy crown and turn what was left of the trunk into a work of art audience.

Originally located at the entrance to the park, the sculpture has become unstable over the years due to rotting and parasitic diseases.

The council hoped that by moving it, they could keep it for a few more years.

On Friday August 12, work began to move the sculpture near Bishops Pool, where it was lowered into the Willow Carr and secured.

A spokesman for the council said: “Unfortunately the sculpture itself is now unstable due to rot and parasitic disease.

“We don’t want to lose this incredible work of art.

“Hopefully this will help preserve the statue for a few more years for everyone to enjoy.”

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Mr Hulbert confirmed that the council would consider fixing the room before it rots further.

He added: “We are considering having the statue repaired so that people can continue to enjoy this magnificent work of art before it completely rots.”

. vandals behead a statue honoring history Droitwich

. Vandals decapitate statue honoring Droitwichs history

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