Ellesmere Port ‘hydrogen village’ project draws closer

Ellesmere Port ‘hydrogen village’ project draws closer
Ellesmere Port ‘hydrogen village’ project draws closer

PLANS to create the UK’s first carbon-reducing ‘hydrogen village’ are nearing completion following the completion of the 100th home appraisal at Ellesmere Port.

Cadent and British Gas are proposing to convert around 2,000 homes in the Whitby area of ​​the town from using natural gas (methane) to hydrogen. The project will see a population the size of a village receive hydrogen through the existing underground gas distribution network.

Unlike natural gas, hydrogen produces zero carbon emissions when burned in a boiler to heat properties and provide hot water.

The Whitby area of ​​Ellesmere Port was confirmed as one of two possible locations for the UK’s first ‘hydrogen village’ in May.

As part of the project, qualified engineers must visit each property to carry out an assessment.

The 100th appraisal was carried out at the home of Mr Robin Thornhill in Ellesmere Port.

The 100th appraisal was carried out at the home of Robin Thornhill. Mr Thornhill said: “From what we’ve heard about it so far, this is a really exciting project to be involved in. We look forward to helping make it happen.”

Marc Clarke, Head of Hydrogen Consumption at Cadent, said: “We’ve had tremendous interest from the local community since we announced our plan just a few months ago and that’s really encouraging for everyone involved.

“As we build the case for Whitby to be UK first, we need to visit each property to get a clear picture of what the existing gas infrastructure looks like. We just completed our 100th review, just weeks after we started .

“If you live in the Whitby area and have not yet booked your assessment, please call us on 0800 035 3371 or email [email protected] and we will arrange to send our engineers to you.

“It’s free – and while they’re there they’ll also carry out a thorough safety check of all your gas appliances, boiler and other equipment.”

This area of ​​Whitby is one of two places hoping to be the first in the UK. The other is in the North East of England.

A decision will be made next year, with the chosen location starting to receive a hydrogen supply in 2025.

The hydrogen will be supplied by the existing network of gas pipes.

If this area of ​​Whitby in the Port of Ellesmere is chosen, Cadent says every property in the selected area will benefit from free boiler upgrades to new hydrogen-ready versions. This means residents would continue to use the boilers and appliances they know today.

For more information on this project, visit: Hydrogenvillage.com.

. village project hydrogen Ellesmere Port brings closer

. Ellesmere Port hydrogen village project draws closer

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