York police warn teens and parents ahead of rally

York police warn teens and parents ahead of rally
York police warn teens and parents ahead of rally

York POLICE have issued a warning to teenagers and their parents ahead of a planned rally in the city.

North Yorkshire Police say senior York officers are making it clear that no offense will be tolerated at a rally due to take place on Monday evening (September 5).

The force says it is aware of a post circulating on social media that primarily appeals to teenagers and encourages people to meet in an open space in the city, but they did not specify where.

York’s senior commander, Superintendent Mark Khan of North Yorkshire Police, said: ‘I want to issue a clear warning now.

“We will have a large police presence in York on Monday evening and will deal vigorously with any breaches.

“I make no apologies for taking this event seriously. The quality of life of our residents is something that is close to my heart and we will not allow a big party in a public space to degenerate us. We all have a responsibility to take care of our communities and ensure that everyone can enjoy the area safely.

“I also ask parents to make sure you know where your children are.

“As the summer draws to a close and the new school year is about to begin, I would ask you to consider the consequences your child would face if they committed an offense resulting in police action.”

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. police york warn teenagers parents before gathering

. York police warn teens parents ahead rally

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