Potential storms predicted for Plymouth next week by Met Office

Potential storms predicted for Plymouth next week by Met Office
Potential storms predicted for Plymouth next week by Met Office

Many schools in Plymouth will be back for the year from Monday September 5. But after a summer of heat waves, drought, watering bans and the hottest temperature on record in the UK, the new school year is likely to see a return to the wet and drizzly weather we are a bit more accustomed.

Between July and AugustPlymouth experienced some of its highest temperatures on record and was subjected to a orange weather alert for oppressive heat at the beginning of the month of August. The country experienced its new hottest temperature on record at 40.3C in Lincolnshire in July.

However, September seems to bring a quick change of pace, with cooler temperatures, heavy rain and potentially thunder. The start of the new school term could see the most rain Plymouth has had in months.

The Met Office is currently predicting a wet start to the school term next week, with heavy clouds, and many places will see heavy thundershowers expected from Monday. This weekend, temperatures will be significantly cooler than the rest of the summer.

Rain is expected from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning, and temperatures should stay around 18°C. However, if you want to take the family out for a last hurrah before the kids head back to school, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon should be rainless.

After the soaring temperatures seen for most of the summer period, some will be relieved to see temperatures below the 20s. For some, however, the predicted rain and showers could not have come at a more inopportune time.

From Saturday to Monday, the Met Office is currently reporting ‘increasingly unsettled’ weather with heavy rain moving into the South West. Despite strong winds, it should be hot in the sun.

Met Office long-term forecast for September 5-14:

The onset of this period should bring areas of heavy cloud and heavy rain or thundershowers to many locations. Any rainy spell could be longer than recently.

Some brighter spells are also possible. Strong winds are also likely in places, with perhaps a risk of gales.

Temperatures should be around average but variable, especially under long spells of rain where it can get cooler, or under any sun which will feel warmer. Towards the end of the period, the precipitation is expected to die off, bringing a little more dryness to many areas, although there may still be a chance of showers for many places. Temperatures will likely be around average.

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. potential storms predicted for Plymouth next week by Met Office

. Potential storms predicted Plymouth week Met Office

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