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Bird of prey spotted hunting prey in Plympton

Bird of prey spotted hunting prey in Plympton
Bird of prey spotted hunting prey in Plympton

A Plymouth woman was surprised when she saw a bird of prey hunting in Plympton. Claire Preston said she noticed a so-called “peregrine falcon” on the road that had grabbed its prey and pinned it down.

Claire said she believes it to be a peregrine falcon based on its markings and Devon wildlifethey are known to hunt birds like pigeons, ducks and gulls. She captured a short video and photograph of the bird of prey on Friday August 26 which pinned a small bird.

A peregrine falcon is one of the largest types of falcon. It has dark slate gray above and below, with black bars on its chest and belly, white throat and cheeks, and a black mustache and mask.

It is also one of the fastest animals on the planet, reaching speeds of up to 200 miles per hour when it “stops” on its prey from a great height. Claire said that eventually the hawk flew away carrying the bird – its prey.

However, this is not the first time Claire has seen this large bird in the Plympton area. She said it must be the hunting ground for birds of prey.

Claire said: “I was coming back from picking up my child from nursery and he was right in front of me on the road just as I turned into my street. He had caught another bird and the video shows him pinning his prey to the ground. He finally flew away winning.”

She added: “We have seen the bird several times in this area. He has to chase this part of Plympton.”

In the short video you can see the bird in the middle of the road with its prey on Plympton Street. Last year, remarkable footage has been shared with us showing what it’s like through the eyes of a mighty peregrine falcon.

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. bird prey spotted train hunt a prey plympton

. Bird prey spotted hunting prey Plympton

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