Prince Charles welcomed Meghan with love, now he must do it again, says ANGELA EPSTEIN | Express a comment

Prince Charles welcomed Meghan with love, now he must do it again, says ANGELA EPSTEIN | Express a comment
Prince Charles welcomed Meghan with love, now he must do it again, says ANGELA EPSTEIN | Express a comment

A role which, at first glance, seemed particularly difficult for the heir to the throne since the Prince of Wales had previously seemed a rather distant figure in the lives of his children. Not least thanks to the heart-shaped shadow cast by Diana, the people’s princess.

Moreover, Charles was thrust into this new role under the most ruthless of circumstances: William and Harry were staying with him at Balmoral at the time of Diana’s fatal car accident. It was up to their father to deliver the terrible news of their mother’s death.

Yet against all odds, Prince Charles has proven himself more than equal to the task of being everything for his boys.

A fact Harry would go on to acknowledge in a BBC documentary five years ago, when he told the filmmakers that his ‘pa’ was ‘the only one of two left and [who] tried to do his best to ensure we were protected and taken care of.”

Certainly, when Prince Charles offered his arm to Meghan before escorting her down the aisle in 2018, that seamless gesture symbolized an even tighter closing of the circle.

He telegraphed to the world that this ring of love and protection had also been extended to his son’s new bride.

All of this makes the unstoppable ending to Prince Harry’s relationship with his father particularly sad.

Even if the drop was fueled by the Sussexes’ media activity which is clearly running at a snag by the gallon.

Now, the latest “explosive interview” suggests that the relationship between Prince Charles and his son is in fact terminal.

Speaking to US magazine The Cut, the Duchess of Sussex hinted that Harry had “lost” his father.

Although the post-interview cleanup team hastily insisted that Meghan was actually referring to estrangement from her own father, Thomas Markle, who she hasn’t spoken to since the royal wedding.

Does it matter? In Court of Sorrow and Law, it’s clear that Harry has all but written off having a meaningful connection to his father. According to him, the link is broken, the broken link.

That’s why it should – must – be up to the Prince of Wales to do whatever he can to fix this.

Because Charles is the big one in the room, the source of unconditional parental love, from which springs an ability to take care of a child no matter how difficult his behavior.

And the only way to do that is to go to America and pay a low-key visit to see her boy.

There, at the couple’s compound in Montecito (or, as Hello magazine puts it, “a magical £11million mansion”), father and son can talk freely.

Although for this to work Prince Charles will have to listen in silence as he receives an ear from Harry, biting the royal lip rather than trying to defend himself against a torrent of rage, resentment and accusation.

But if he allows his son this act of catharsis, it could be the start of a reinvigorated connection. A place to start over.

With royal protocol aside, Charles could also spend time with his grandchildren Archie and Lilibet, the added benefit of which would be another way to re-engage with his earthy son.

In the calm of a benign domestic setting, the meeting would simply be family. Real family not royal family. And realistic conversation. Not the kind of made-for-TV psychobabble that Oprah swallows.

In its truest essence, it would be the meeting of a boy and his father, trying to make peace with the past so they could have a meaningful future.

Both men learned, following that terrible night a quarter of a century ago, how life turns on sixpence.

Harry lost one parent and Charles had two. Reason enough for the Prince of Wales to book his ticket to America. And book it now.


. prince Charles welcomed Meghan with love now must do again says ANGELA EPSTEIN Express comment Comment

. Prince Charles welcomed Meghan love ANGELA EPSTEIN Express comment

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