Meghan Markle may be trying to ‘distance herself’ from Prince Harry’s book ‘Spare’ | royal

Meghan Markle may be trying to ‘distance herself’ from Prince Harry’s book ‘Spare’ | royal
Meghan Markle may be trying to ‘distance herself’ from Prince Harry’s book ‘Spare’ | royal

On Tuesday evening, GB News host Dan Wootton aired a segment of his show asking his guests for a recent Daily Telegraph article regarding Meghan Markle. The newspaper asked why the Duchess of Sussex did not promote Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ which was released earlier this month on January 10.

Meghan Markle once described herself and Prince Harry as ‘like salt and pepper’ because they ‘always move together’, but the Telegraph questioned why the Duchess hasn’t made any media appearances for Prince Harry’s book.

The newspaper noted that Prince Harry often made a supporting appearance when Meghan Markle did interviews to promote her Spotify podcast ‘Archetypes’, and also appeared at events when she was promoting the children’s book. The Bench”.

In the past, Meghan Markle has appeared in Prince Harry’s Apple TV documentaries about mental health and also in a promotional video for the Invictus Games, the Duke’s sporting event for injured soldiers while serving in the military. .

The Telegraph reported that some sources suggested Meghan may have “raised slight concerns” about ‘Spare’ and was “more suspicious” than Prince Harry about the project.

However, they also said that once Prince Harry “decided” to work on his book, Meghan Markle was supportive and also “tremendously proud” of her husband.

A source said: “Is that how she would have approached it? Maybe not, but she will always support him and would never get involved in promoting such a personal project.

“It was about his own life, his own journey and his own perspective.”

On GB News, host Dan Wootton spoke about the Telegraph and said he found it “absolutely fascinating” as “it was the first sign that Meghan was trying to distance herself from all the collateral PR damage caused by” Spare “.”

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He spoke with Angela Epstein, a guest on the show on GB News, who said she thought nothing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was “without strategy”.

She said: “Sometimes it seems like everything is as authentic as the tooth fairy when it comes to these two.”

Ms Epstein, who is a journalist and broadcaster, said she believed there was ‘no doubt’ Prince Harry had trivialized every aspect of his life.

She added: “He certainly deserves all the criticism he gets because first of all he fired the first salvo, and secondly nothing is sacred.”

Ms Eptein explained why she had trouble with some of the details Prince Harry released in ‘Spare’.

She said: ‘So-called private conservations have been paraded all over the place, he’s targeted people he knows can’t answer, mainly his brother, sister-in-law and father, because of the ‘never complain never explain ‘ philosophy that underlies the entire strategy of the palace.

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The reporter also spoke about Mr Wootton’s theory about Meghan Markle and said: “Maybe it’s possible.

“I can’t read Meghan’s mind, and I’m sure there’s a lot to read out there, but maybe she didn’t fully predict the fallout and so walked away .

“Or conversely, they have had a scattershot approach of monetizing their misery, giving gobbets to different people to maximize their exposure.

“It may all be part of their strategy, but I just feel like with these two, nothing is without some planning.”


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