50th Anniversary Edition by David Bowie

Moonage Daydream – The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust (50th Anniversary Edition) By David Bowie | photographs by Mick Rock

Genesis Publishing – now available in hardcover

Fifty years ago, David Bowie released The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust, one of the great classic albums of all time. To celebrate this 50th anniversary, the book Moonage Daydream (endorsed by David Bowie and Mick Rocks Estate) has been published. This is a new uncut large format edition, released to coincide with the launch of Brett Morgen’s documentary film Moonage Daydream and an exhibition of Mick Rock’s photos at the Atlas Gallery in London.

First published in 2002 by Bowie and Mick Rock’s “The Man Who Shot the Seventies” as a signed limited edition, it has since become a highly sought after collector’s item. The 2022 edition features many rare photos from Mick Rock’s extensive archive as he followed the rise and fall of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust from early 1972 to late 1973, alongside words from the main man himself. The book is dedicated to the memory of the late Mick Ronson and is Ziggy Stardust’s essential book.

David Bowie said it better than anyone: “It’s a book of extraordinary photographs. Ziggy Stardust blazed briefly but intensely, and I’m thrilled to see his life and times as a rock ‘n’ roll star immortalized in this book. –David Bowie

This updated version is an exceptional visual feast for the eyes; it’s a huge art book, with 328 pages and around 600 images presented in a sumptuous blue cloth binding, finished with gold lightning bolts, and a truly eye-catching cover image. The paper used is of a thick glossy quality. My only small complaint is the use of bold text on some paragraphs – I thought it was unnecessary and ruined the look of some pages.

Rock n’ roll icon Ziggy Stardust left his indelible mark on the world of pop music in the early 70’s. I for one can’t forget watching him at the age of 12 on Top Of The Pops and then buying the Woolworths singles, quickly followed by a huge poster of Ziggy on my bedroom wall around 1972. It was monumental in bringing Iggy Pop and Lou Reed to the UK for the first time and was the ultimate king of glam rock. It’s laid bare with incredible stage and behind-the-scenes footage, complete with informative, humorous, and engaging commentary.

We can see how Bowie created his Ziggy and the Spiders from Mars in their flamboyant costumes and exotic hair and makeup. Most of his early costumes were designed by Freddie Burretti and later Kansai Yamamoto. His inspiration ranged from kabuki theatre, Japanese culture, his mentor Lindsay Lemp, to Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

“Ziggy really sang, Eyes screwed up and hairstyle screwed down, Like a cat from Japan” – Ziggy Stardust

The highlights for me are not just the comments Bowie makes throughout the book, but the images, some of which have never been published before. It captures the birth of Ziggy from the spectacular and meticulously planned shows in the UK and USA, to Ziggy’s death when he broke up the band. Who can forget Rock’s photos of Bowie and Ronson entwined in a guitar pose, which at the time were pretty outrageous.

In addition to Bowie’s reflections, it contains an introduction and commentary by Rock. Mick first met Bowie before one of his first shows in Birmingham on March 17, 1972, he followed him to London that night to interview him, it would be the start of a lifetime of friendship . “I was the only photographer with a real passion for the Ziggy image,” Rock said. We can see the great friendship between the two creatives in the pictures. Along with the great photos, you’ll find setlists, tour notes, newspaper articles, pencil sketches, and early lyrics and interview notes. Mick Rock was the only photographer allowed to officially capture Ziggy and traveled with him and the Spiders From Mars, on train trips, hotel rooms, video shoots, backstage, on stage, film sets, hang out with Jagger, Reed and Iggy and more.

Moonage Daydream is an essential collectible for any Bowie fan, especially if Ziggy was your favorite character. Whether you can afford £125 for the limited special edition or £38-45 for the standard version, both are worth the cost and will be one of the best coffee books you can display on your table or bookshelf.


Publisher’s copies feature a David Bowie Estate stamped authentication page featuring an exclusive 8″ x 10″ photographic print of Mick Rock (not previously included in Moonage Daydream.) Produced from the negative at the favorite photo lab of Rock in New York, C-type color reproduces a stunning live shot of Bowie on stage at Earl’s Court in London, May 1973, and is suitable for framing. They will be created and made available for a limited time.

You can buy the book here at Genesis Publications

Words by Melanie Smith – Louder than War | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

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. Edition #50th anniversary by David Bowie

. #50th Anniversary Edition David Bowie

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