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Date published: September 02, 2022

Tome Hall with their book

A Rochdale-based author has released his first book on Amazon Kindle, released Thursday (September 1).

Tome Hall, 24, from Bamford, has published the fantasy novel ‘Vixen: The Goblin and the Fox’ as ‘TA Hall’ after the ‘passion project’ sat in their minds for years.

Vixen is about a young girl doomed to become a monster who must embark on a great adventure in a perilous world to get back on her feet.

Tome explained: “It’s a story of identity, humanity and acceptance, set against the backdrop of a fantastical but dangerous world. I’m aiming for a kind of Terry Pratchett Discworld series: lots of different stories that weave a web through my world, where I can introduce amazing, diverse, and weird characters that I think really need to be introduced in the modern fantasy.

“As someone who identifies as queer, this is very important to me. Although I don’t intend to write a number of books, I do know that Vixen is part of a trilogy, with the second book already finished and held captive.

Vixen: The Goblin and the Fox The world is full of monsters…
And I’m one of them

In a world of dangerous magic and blood-hungry monsters, a young girl named Vixen is brash, impulsive, and sometimes obsessive.
His unruly nature has led the residents of the small, remote town of Docklin to despise his very presence. It’s only through the kindness of a stranger, a Wielder named Ciara, that Vixen finds the strength to truly stand up for herself.
Strength through magic…
But when everything goes wrong and Vixen ends up turning into a monstrous goblin, Vixen is kicked out of the only house she knows, unable to communicate with the rest of the world.
Vixen and her foxy new friend Copper must get out into the perilous world and find a way to mend herself before her curse really takes over and she loses what little humanity she already has.

Having always been creative, Tome said they had to find “an independent way” to be creative when Covid hit.

“I took my passion, and, inspired by my Dungeons & Dragons games, I started writing. I’ve read so much about people self-publishing books online through Amazon and other sites that I thought I couldn’t give it a try.

“Although Vixen is only available on Amazon, I hope in the near future I can share it everywhere.”

Tome cites their favorite fantasy book series as “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss, adding that they’ve been fantasy fans ever since they read JR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings in elementary school.

They started playing Dungeons & Dragons, a popular tabletop RPG, when they were in college, adding: “After playing a few games, I felt like I really needed some control, then I started running my own game in my own world.”

Vixen: The Goblin and the Fox is available on Amazon Kindle.

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