William and Kate welcome GCHQ children’s puzzle book

William and Kate welcome GCHQ children’s puzzle book
William and Kate welcome GCHQ children’s puzzle book

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said talking openly about mental health can remove ‘stigma, fear and isolation’ as they welcomed a collection of children’s puzzles compiled by Britain’s master code breakers.

Publisher Puffin partnered with GCHQ to produce Puzzles For Spies, and William and Kate wrote a preface for the book.

Proceeds from GCHQ’s share of the advance and royalties for the book, estimated in the first year at at least £20,000, will go to the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to support its work on mental health .

Puzzles For Spies introduces readers to many aspects of GCHQ’s work and includes code and puzzles, word puzzles and language puzzles, and personal testimonials from GCHQ staff.

The book will be published later this month (Puffin/PA)

It is hoped that young readers of the book will discover a discipline or role that matches their skills and strengths and see the importance of teamwork and a diversity of minds in achieving a common goal.

The GCHQ has already created two puzzle books for adults – The GCHQ Puzzle Book and The GCHQ Puzzle Book II – which have sold half a million copies between them.

In the foreword, William and Kate say: “We are delighted that the brilliant minds at GCHQ have been busy working on a third puzzle book, and that this edition is designed for young readers.

“Hopefully that might mean we find them easier to solve…!”

“As a family, we are no strangers to the vital work of GCHQ. We’ve seen firsthand how staff are constantly adapting to meet new threats, and we remain inspired by staff’s commitment to protecting our national security.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has presented one of the greatest global challenges in recent history. It has impacted our ability to go to work, school and socialize in the way we are all used to.

“It has affected all of us and sadly we know that the true extent of the pandemic’s impact on the country’s mental health will not be fully understood for years.

Just like at GCHQ, bringing different perspectives together can often be the key to unlocking a solution you can’t find on your own.

William and Kate

“Your support through the purchase of the book will ensure that the Royal Foundation is able to continue its work on mental health at a time when that support is needed more than ever.

“We look forward to helping our children solve these puzzles and hope this book will bring friends and families together to start meaningful conversations.

“Talking openly about mental health can be the first step to eliminating stigma, fear and isolation.

“Just like at GCHQ, bringing together different perspectives can often be the key to unlocking a solution that you can’t quite find on your own.”

In his foreword, GCHQ director Sir Jeremy Fleming said: “While problem solving exercises our brains, it is equally important to take care of our minds.

“Our first two books have raised a staggering amount of money for mental health charities and enabled them to do valuable work in communities across the country.

“I am delighted that through this book we continue to support this cause.

“The work of Their Royal Highnesses has helped many people – including children – to be more open about mental health.

“I want to thank them for their continued commitment to this cause and their support of GCHQ.”

The book will be released on September 22.

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