Farhad Moshiri reveals ‘done deal’ is ‘closed’ amid club rumors ‘for sale’

Farhad Moshiri reveals ‘done deal’ is ‘closed’ amid club rumors ‘for sale’
Farhad Moshiri reveals ‘done deal’ is ‘closed’ amid club rumors ‘for sale’

Farhad Moshiri insisted Everton were “not for sale”, but he confirmed a deal was “close” as he seeks to attract the “best investors”.

Manager Frank Lampard was sacked earlier this week as Everton sit bottom of the Premier League table.

There has been widespread unrest at the club and the administrators have been advised not to attend the recent game against Southampton due to security concerns.

It was reported on Tuesday that the club was ‘up for sale’ with Moshiri setting his asking price at £500m.

Moshiri, who has pledged to do “whatever it takes to get the fans on board”, says he remains committed to the Merseyside club but wants to provide additional funds for the new ground being built at Bramley-Moore Dock.

“The club is not for sale, but I have spoken to the best real quality investors to fill a void on the stadium,” Moshiri said in a video interview with the Everton Fan Advisory Board, posted on the club website.

“I can do it myself. The reason I want to do this is to bring the best sports investors to Everton. We are close to reaching an agreement.

“It’s not at all selling the club, it’s just bringing in more expertise in terms of global sponsorship, business development.

“A lot of sports investors have that pool of knowledge and that’s to guarantee Everton that.”

Former Liverpool defender – and childhood Evertonian – Jamie Carragher was scathing about Goodison’s situation, saying it was the “most managed club in the country”, adding that Moshiri “don’t know what he does but he has a lot of money”.

Carragher thinks Everton’s hierarchy is to blame, but Moshiri backs his board and has urged fans not to be discouraged.

“This is the most critical moment in our history. It’s almost an existential point,” he said.

“I have confidence in this advice. In the past, I have removed directors and appointed directors. I am not shy to make changes. We make changes when there is a need.

“We will be ruthless. We have to be calm and we have to go beyond our current position on the pitch.

“I feel the pain. I hear what the fans are saying. They have points. We will address them. I don’t miss anything. I have a list of all points.

“I am attached to this club, not just at this stage but to join the elite. But I need your help.

“The fans are the most important part of the Everton institution. We have to get through this together – only we can get through this together.

“Everton depended on Goodison and the 12th man. I know we are much weaker without the wholehearted support of the fans and I will do whatever it takes to get them on board. I’m on it 24 hours a day.”

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. Farhad Moshiri reveal deal done is closed middle of rumors according to which club would be sell

. Farhad Moshiri reveals deal closed club rumors sale

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