Female PC faces ‘life-altering’ injuries after two officers were stabbed by ‘frenzied individual’

Sculminating at Scotland Yard on Friday morning, Sir Mark said the two officers were now in stable condition.

He said the female officer challenged the man after suspecting him of carrying a knife and he stabbed her in the arm before attempting to flee.

“His colleague chases the assailant, grabs him – a fight ensues – this officer is stabbed three times in the neck and once in the chest,” Sir Mark told reporters.

“He is very seriously injured – other colleagues join the scene.

“There is a violent struggle with a fairly frantic individual – tasers deployed, PAVA spray deployed and then an officer uses his baton – eventually the offender is subdued and arrested. Both officers were rushed to hospital.”

He added: “We remain concerned that the injuries to the young female officer’s arm could still be quite serious and potentially life-changing, but this has not yet been resolved.”

Sir Mark credited the officers with being “tremendously brave”.

He said: “It reminds me that with all the calls for reform of the Metropolitan Police – which are badly needed – we must never forget that we have thousands of dedicated men and women who go out every day and who are ready to be brave for Londoners.”

The suspect was taken to hospital for treatment and is currently in custody.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Deputy Commissioner Stuart Cundy said the “terrible event” was not linked to terrorism or the Queen’s death.

On Friday morning, crime scene investigators could be seen working in the police cordon outside a Shake Shack burger restaurant, located opposite the M&M’s World shop in Leicester Square.

The cordon meant that nearby West End theaters such as the Lyric were inaccessible on Friday morning, and police vans parked in Piccadilly Circus prevented motorists from driving down Shaftesbury Avenue.

Guests at the nearby Thistle Trafalgar Square Hotel on Whitcomb Street were told by police they could not return to their rooms on Friday if they ventured beyond the cordon.

Taxi driver Youssef Boucetta, 27, witnessed the incident as he drove through central London to pick up a ticket at Heathrow Airport.

He described how six officers struggled to tackle the suspect, who was eventually restrained when a passerby threw a bicycle at him.

Mr Boucetta said: “I was there when the stabbings happened. It was very disturbing, especially to see that the female officer had been stabbed.

“I had just left to pick someone up from Heathrow Airport. First, I saw this female officer appear around the corner with blood on her arm.

“She was screaming ‘I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been stabbed,’ so I quickly got out my car with my jacket on and wrapped it around her. Then these two policemen came around the corner.

“Other police came from McDonald’s. They surrounded the guy and tasered him five times.

. A woman face of wounds that change life after two officers were stabbed by individual frantic

. Female faces lifealtering injuries officers stabbed frenzied individual

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