India’s Modi berate Putin over Ukraine conflict

India’s Modi berate Putin over Ukraine conflict
India’s Modi berate Putin over Ukraine conflict

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has publicly chastised Vladimir Putin for his invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking at a regional security bloc summit in Uzbekistan, he told the Russian president that now is not the time for war, with food, fertilizer and fuel security among the world’s top concerns at present.

“I know that today’s era is not an era of war, and I told you about it on the phone,” Modi told Putin on the sidelines of the Cooperation Organization security bloc summit from Shanghai to Uzbekistan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he wants the conflict in Ukraine to end as soon as possible, but that Ukraine is determined to achieve its battlefield goals, according to an Indian television translation of Putin’s remarks during of a bilateral meeting.

It was the second time Putin had been reprimanded for his invasion of Ukraine during the summit.

Twenty-four hours earlier, he had alluded to friction in Russia’s relations with China when he surprisingly admitted that Beijing had “questions and concerns” about Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine.

He acknowledged a potential disagreement with Xi Jinping in his first face-to-face meeting with the Chinese leader since the invasion of Russia in February.

“We highly appreciate the balanced position of our Chinese friends regarding the Ukrainian crisis,” the Russian president told Xi during their first meeting since the start of the war.

“We understand your questions and concerns about this. At today’s meeting we will of course explain our position.

The public concerns of world leaders come on top of the terrible losses Russia has suffered in recent days on the battlefield in Ukraine. Moscow’s forces were significantly pushed back by Ukrainian troops in the northeast of the country.

On Friday, the Ukrainians claimed to have discovered war graves left after the Russians withdrew from the town of Izyum. Many of these graves contain ordinary citizens, local officials said.

Russia has consistently denied accusations of war crimes and targeting civilians.

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