Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg used to swap clothes, granddaughter says

Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg used to swap clothes, their granddaughter has revealed.

lla Richards said the Rolling Stones musician and songwriter was a “quiet and shy” grandfather as she opened up about her family life.

The model told Tatler magazine: “‘Most of my family members are a little crazy and crazy or weird. They borrow each other’s clothes.

“My grandfather wore my grandmother’s clothes and she wore hers.”

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Ella Richards on the cover of Tatler magazine (Daniel Sachon/PA)

Ella Richards on the cover of Tatler magazine (Daniel Sachon/PA)

Pallenberg, Richards’ former partner, died aged 75 in June 2017 after a long illness.

She was once considered a muse for the Rolling Stones and was also a model and actress who appeared in the avant-garde crime drama Performance with Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger and the sci-fi classic Barbarella.

She and Richards had two sons: Marlon – Ella’s father – and Tara Jo Jo, and a daughter, Angela. Tara Jo Jo died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at the age of two months in 1976.

Ella Richards also said: “(Keith) is very calm, gentle and loving. He is much more shy than people think.

“My dad is louder. You can definitely feel its presence in a room. He is very intelligent.

“He knows everything about everything. He read all the books in his life. So you can’t really beat it.

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Ella Richards (Daniel Sachon/Tatler)

Ella Richards (Daniel Sachon/Tatler)

Ella Richards (Daniel Sachon/Tatler)

The Rolling Stones returned to London’s Hyde Park last summer for the British Summer Time festival.

The band said at the time that it was their fifth gig in the Royal Park and their 203rd in London.

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Ella Richards added: “I was exhausted just standing up and watching.

“They’re full of adrenaline, and that keeps them young. It’s so inspiring that they keep doing what they love for as long as they can.

She joined the Kate Moss agency in 2019 after following her mother, former model and stylist Lucie de la Falaise, into the world of fashion.

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She added: “My teachers would describe me as the dreamer.

“I would always get in trouble for that. I was not loud or disruptive. I would just kind of daydream.

“My whole family is made up of crazy creatives. No one is an academic. Everyone is wild and free-spirited.

She also spoke of being photographed by her boyfriend, photographer Sascha Von Bismarck, the brother of Count Nikolai von Bismarck, who is Moss’ partner.

Richards said: “It was really easy. I feel very comfortable with him taking my picture, which is something very personal.

“I’m sure sometimes I can get a little bossy because that’s the only time I have control. So I’m sure I piss him off more than I think!

The March issue of Tatler is available from Thursday, February 2 in stores and the full interview with Richards is available on the website at issue-cover-star.

. Keith Richards Anita Pallenberg had used to trade clothes says granddaughter

. Keith Richards Anita Pallenberg swap clothes granddaughter

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