Antiques Roadshow guest stunned by value of ‘novelty’ Victorian ring | Television & Radio

Antiques Roadshow guest stunned by value of ‘novelty’ Victorian ring | Television & Radio
Antiques Roadshow guest stunned by value of ‘novelty’ Victorian ring | Television & Radio

On a recent episode of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, host Fiona Bruce and her team of experts visited the grounds of Wollaton Hall, an imposing Elizabethan mansion in Nottingham. During the episode, they were treated to unique items such as a Batman mask worn by Jack Nicholson, examined personal items brought to the UK in 1972 by Ugandan Asians fleeing their country, and poetry. However, it was John Benjamin who left his guests speechless when he revealed the true value of some jewelry they thought was worthless.

Wondering why the two girls had joined him and where they had retrieved the three objects from, John asked, “Are you related?”

One of the daughters replied, “Yes, we are cousins ​​on our mother’s side,” before the second daughter continued, “It was our great great great grandmother’s, I think she was born in 1858.”

John picked up the second object which was in the shape of a flower and a fly before the second girl revealed, “These are our great aunts.”

Examining the pieces, John picked up the ice pick jewels and explained, “Now, oddly enough, there’s a sort of association going on here because they’re good examples of what you would call Victorian novelty.

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“Now it’s an atypical piece because it takes the form of a mountaineer’s peak, a kind of ice pick if you prefer, engraved around the stem, which are the names of the French mountains.

“It is assumed that the person who owns it was originally a mountaineer who went on this pioneering expedition and climbed all these mountains.

“He thought ‘As soon as I get back to London I’m going to commission Hunt and Roscal – a very large company – to make a fancy gold pencil, shaped like an ice pick where my conquests, all the mountains are going to be engraved. around the barrel.’

“And then it’s the top of the blue steel ice pick,” he finished putting the piece down.

Turning his attention to the flower and the fly, he continued, “Let’s look at this one, which is also new but from a totally different time, and a totally different design.

“You can see it’s a fly, and a flower that looks a bit like a crocus to me, but what’s interesting about it are the stones in the center when you look around it.

“We have malachite, jasper, lapis, it’s really unusual, the other thing is the date because the other is made around 1879, in fact it’s dated 1879, that is say more than 1845.

“Now we’re going to move on to this one, what’s the story behind this?” he asked, pointing to a small box at the back of the table.

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The daughter explained: “So my mum got it as a birthday present, from our great-great aunt, she gave it to the costume jewelry store.”

Confused, John asked, “Well, it’s a fancy ring. I’m going to ask a question, I want you to put it on, do you think it’s costume jewelry?

Feeling the ring, the girl hesitantly replied, “Uh, I think so, it doesn’t have much weight in it.”

Laughing, John exclaimed, “It’s an emerald!” leaving the two girls shocked and speechless.

“It’s an emerald! This is a splendid emerald from South America surrounded by old Victorian white diamonds set in 18k gold, made between around 1975 and 1980.

“OK…” the girl replied in shock, turning to her cousin in dismay.

Excited to rate the items, John began, “I actually love this one with the fly and the flower. At auction, an estimate would be £1,200-£1,500.

“That one, the ice pick costs between £1,500 and £2,000, wouldn’t be surprised if it was £2,000. Your costume ring, your unimportant glass jewel, I don’t know £4,000.”

Both of the girl’s mouths opened in shock, with the girl who owned the ring exclaiming, “That’s way more than I expected for that one.”

Seeing their shock, John laughed, “I know! So you actually have a total value of £7,000-10,000.”

Grateful for his help, she replied, “Oh my god, thank you! I’m going to tell grandma now, she’s going to swallow her words.”

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays from 6.30pm on BBC One.


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. Antiques Roadshow guest stunned novelty Victorian ring Television Radio

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