Blackpool’s mum looks unrecognizable after divorcing and joining Tinder

Blackpool’s mum looks unrecognizable after divorcing and joining Tinder
Blackpool’s mum looks unrecognizable after divorcing and joining Tinder

A mother from Blackpool says her incredible transformation came after she got divorced and joined Tinder.

It was in 2020 that Emma Sheppard, 42, separated from her husband of 18 years. She said her busy life has left her both unhappy with herself and the way she looks.

But two years later, the 42-year-old mum says she is “walking on high” after turning her life around. After ditching junk food for healthy meals she cooked at home, the mother-of-two joined a gym.

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After transforming her life, Emma started dating again and created a Tinder profile. Emma says she has since received a lot of attention, including from a man who claimed to have been on Love Island, WalesOnline reports.

Emma, ​​a social worker from Blackpool, said: “I’m so happy now that I’ve totally turned my life around. I feel amazing and it’s like beauty comes from within. It’s like walking on air. Before, I had always worked hard and taken care of everyone, but one day after we broke up, I realized it was my turn.

The mum has since joined Tinder
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“I looked empty and drained, but now I’m living my best life. I’m happy and I look completely different.”

When she was just 22, Emma married her ex-husband, she thought she would be married for life but the relationship started to break down several years ago, she says. In January 2021, her husband moved out of the family home and the divorce was finalized in October.

Emma says she was initially depressed but, after listening to Roar by Katy Perry, she decided to move on. After revamping her wardrobe, ditching black pants and flats for heels and skirts, she started wearing lipstick for the first time.

Emma also cut her habit of smoking 20 times a day in court. She even took another job working two nights at a cocktail bar and started going to the gym to do weight training and cardio five times a week.

Emma hit hard at the gym and transformed
(Photo: Emma Sheppard/SWNS)

And Emma says she’s also changed her eating habits, replacing egg and fries and bacon sandwiches with chicken noodles and homemade bolognese. She said: “I was married for life. It was him, the girls and the job. I felt like I had it all sorted. It was really bad after he left, it really broke me. I felt worthless – I had panic attacks.

“I had no self-confidence and was so isolated. I was just existing, working to pay the bills and just getting by. One day I woke up and thought: ‘You come from a family of strong women, you are free and you can make a difference in your life’.

“I realized I could be so much more. It was like a force from someone watching over me. Everything about me is completely different now.

“People say I look amazing compared to before, and I think that’s because I’m so happy inside. Now I smile all the time. And that’s just the beginning.”

Emma doesn’t have a new partner yet, but is looking for love on Tinder. She said: “It was funny getting hit on by this guy from Love Island. I didn’t recognize him at first, but I thought, ‘My guy on paper’.

“I understood when we talked on Snapchat and saw videos of him. He was sending messages saying how pretty I looked and that I didn’t look like 42. It was very flattering, and a shock, and quite funny.”


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