Six times the Royal Family have raged in public as King Charles’ pen frustrations make headlines

Six times the Royal Family have raged in public as King Charles’ pen frustrations make headlines
Six times the Royal Family have raged in public as King Charles’ pen frustrations make headlines

The Royal Family are well known for their calm and collected appearance in public, but a viral video of King Charles III losing his temper over a leaky pen at Hillsborough Castle has revealed another side to the new monarch.

this is the second time he has lost his temper on camera due to pen-related frustrations.

While signing his proclamation, he motioned for a staff member to remove a tray of pens from a table, prompting many social media users to call him ‘weird’ and ‘rude’ .

However, this is far from the first time a member of the royal family has let loose in public.

The impatience of the image of Prince Philip

The late Duke of Edinburgh refused to mince words. During a photocall in 2015 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, he was filmed telling a photographer to “just take the fucking picture!” This prompted Prince William and other senior royals to stifle their laughter. He was also heard saying “I hope he breaks his bloody neck” after a photographer fell from a tree during a royal visit to India.

Not a fan of Elton John

Prince Philip’s anger was not limited to photographers. In 2001 he was filmed at the Royal Variety Performance saying “I wish he would turn off the microphone” during Elton John’s performance.

Pre-wedding frustrations for Charles

In 2005, while vacationing in the Swiss Alps with William and Harry before his marriage to Camilla, Charles’ frustration was picked up on a microphone. He was asked about his upcoming marriage by BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell. Charles was heard muttering under his breath: “Damn people. I can’t stand this man. He is so awful. He really is.”

Right back!

At the 2016 Trooping of Color event as part of the late Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, Prince William went down on one knee to speak to Prince George. The queen didn’t seem impressed by this. She scolded him, seeming to say, “Get up, William!”

Garden games gone wrong

The new Prince of Wales also spoke of a time the Queen told him during his childhood. In the documentary The Queen at 90, he recalled that he and Peter Phillips chased Zara Phillips into a lamp post, which fell and nearly hit her. William said: “And I remember my grandmother being the first person at Balmoral to run down the lawn in her kilt. She came charging and gave us the most powerful b******ing.”

Caught in the crossfire

While touring Morocco in 2019, Prince Harry was seen telling a cameraman to back off as he accidentally knocked over a child with his gear.

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