10 horror movies with unexpected and ridiculous twists

10 horror movies with unexpected and ridiculous twists
10 horror movies with unexpected and ridiculous twists

The phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” can be applied quite liberally to the horror genre. Some formulas in the horror world work wonders, and there’s no point in complicating them. Halloween is about as easy as it gets, for example, and you can watch Jaws
with the sound turned off (not that you would want, with the soundtrack being quite renowned and all).

However, sometimes horror movies try to break with the status quo and throw audiences a curveball that leaves them shaken. You have your sixth sense, your saws and your get outs. Hell even Alien is a bit of a plot: what if the slasher movie… was in space?!

Sometimes though, these twists are a little weird to say the least. Just because something is surprising or out of the blue doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good plot. The following entries can be either “good” or “bad” twists, but they’re utterly ridiculous regardless.

Robert Wiene’s 1920 masterpiece is quite bizarre. Striking visuals, groundbreaking special effects and a twisted story of madness come together to create something truly special. It fully deserves its legendary status, and its ending is almost as bizarre as anything that came before it.

The film follows a man named Francis, who recounts his experience with the evil Dr. Caligari who uses a sleepwalker to commit murder in a small German town. Simply telling the plot doesn’t give it full credit, as much of the film relies on using visuals to take the viewer on a fantastical journey.

But how to end such a story? Well, the ending is pretty crazy. It is revealed that Francis is actually an inmate in a mental asylum, and all the characters in his story are other inmates. “Dr. Caligari” is the director of the asylum, not some evil mastermind. While modern viewers are used to the “it was all just a dream” trope, contemporary audiences were blown away, and Francis went from heroic protagonist to deeply troubled and untrustworthy narrator. Eat your Fight Club heart.

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. horror movies with twists unexpected ridiculous

. horror movies unexpected ridiculous twists

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