Aquaman Star Calls Film ‘Clown Job’ Compared to Prestige Movies

Aquaman Star Calls Film ‘Clown Job’ Compared to Prestige Movies
Aquaman Star Calls Film ‘Clown Job’ Compared to Prestige Movies

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Black Manta star and actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has shared his thoughts on the King of the Seven Seas’ first solo film of 2018.

Speaking to Vulture, Abdul-Mateen explained why it’s important to put his acting skills to good use in other films, saying, “Everything should be about uncovering the truth. But sometimes you need to know what movie or genre you’re into. Something like Aquaman, it’s clown work. Aquaman is not The trial of the Chicago 7. You have to get over yourself.” Abdul-Mateen went on to say that in order to thrive as an actor, they “have to play this game,” as well as being crafty when they want to surprise others or themselves.

Although Abdul-Mateen could not star in the first Aquaman highly regarded film, leading man Jason Mamoa recently explained why the franchise matters, citing its environmental conservation themes. “It’s amazing to be able to bring awareness to what’s happening on our planet,” noted Mamoa. “This is not a story that has been told over and over again, [it’s a] film about what is happening right now, but in a fantasy world.”

About The lost kingdom Mamoa himself had described the Marine Monarch’s upcoming return to the big screen as “much funnier” than its predecessor. Seemingly contradicting those statements, returning director James Wan said in 2020 that the film would contain horror elements. Wan would later say about the project, “Aquaman 2 is largely inspired by planet of the vampires. You can take the horror out of the boy, but you can never take the horror out of the boy.”

Plot details on The lost kingdom are rare. The film will see DC Extended Universe veteran Ben Affleck reprise his role as Batman, meant to replace Michael Keaton’s return as the Dark Knight in its post-credits scene, with Mamoa teasing that there might be other Batmen in it. .

As for the other elements of the film’s story, Mamoa revealed The lost kingdom will have a scene where Aquaman talks to the UN about an upcoming disaster. Other aspects include Arthur Curry Jr./Aquababy’s debut – which was spoiled during the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp libel trail – and Aquaman teaming up with his half-brother Ocean Master to “take on a Stronger Black Manta and his army”. “, as a synopsis from earlier this year reveals.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters on December 25, 2023.

Source: Vulture, via Variety

. Aquaman Star qualifies movie work clown by report to movies prestige

. Aquaman Star Calls Film Clown Job Compared Prestige Movies

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